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Yazoo Lawn Mower Reviews


Yazoo/ Kees brand name is relatively new in the lawn mower space as it has been in existence for just a few years more than a decade.

However, this new entity was formed by the merger of two very old and popular brands and hence the final product is reliable and with a lot of innovative features.

Yazoo/Kees is very well known brand in the commercial mowers space. They make units that are tough and highly productive products.

Yazoo/Kees specialize in the zero turning lawn mowers as these are some of the most versatile and useful mowers for commercial mowing operations.

Yazoo lawn mower come under five sub categories. Given below are brief descriptions on each of these brands and sample models.


This is a tried and tested and quite popular series from Yazoo. A very well known model in this series is the ZVKH61273.

This is a zero turn mower from Yazoo which has 27 HP Kohler Command Pro V Twin engine.

With nearly 11 gallon fuel tank and a 61 inch fabricated cutting deck, you can mow any decent sized commercial lawn in good time. You can adjust the cutting height from 1.5” to 6”. The triple blade action gives you a clean and perfect cut.

The larger rear tires give the operator stability while running this zero turn mower.

This super mower can cover up to 4.9 acres in an hour. The high back vinyl seat and a cup holder gives the operator a lot of comfort while mowing large lawns.


As the name suggests, this series is a better version of zero turn lawn mowers from Yazoo.

These mowers have improved on some of the features from MAX2 and shed some others. To start with, these use cast iron spindle as compared to cast aluminum ones in MAX2.

These come with hydro gear pumps with fan for better service and productivity. Depending on the model that you choose, you can get a better powered or a lower powered Kawasaki engine with a MAX III as compared to MAX2.

The steering features in these models are better than MAX2. These come with adjustable levers with foam padding for better comfort and ease of operation.

The deck can be lifted with manual foot operation, so it can be done by the operator in a sitting position. Depending on the model you could get mowing speeds of anywhere between 4.8 acres per hour to 5.8 acres per hour.


If the MAX series are just too big and bulky for you, then probably you should look at ESTEEM series from Yazoo mowers. These are obviously lower powered mowers but are lighter and hence easier to maneuver.

These come with Kohler V-Twin engines with powers ranging from 20 HP to 24HP. The 4.5 gallon fuel tanks are ideal for such mowers too. You can choose from a 42”, 48” and 52” cutting deck depending on what kind of mower you need.

Accordingly, you can get a 2.2, 2.5 and 3 acres per hour productivity from the mower. All the mowers in this series come with vinyl seats, cup holders and hour clocks for comfort of the operator.

The cutting decks are fabricated with 11 gauge steel. The dual hydro gear system makes for a good drive train too. In all the ESTEEM is a great commercial lawn mower for rugged use and great productivity.


For some people, The MAX series may be a bit too big and ESTEEM small. To bridge this gap Yazoo offers E-MAX series of zero turn lawn mowers.

The E-MAX mowers come with 25 HP Courage Pro V-Twin Kohler engines and 5 gallon fuel tanks. These are perfect for mid to large sized lawns.

The 10cc Kanzaki drive system with 52” cutting deck gives a great productivity of 3.4 acres in an hour. Besides, the E-MAX mowers also come with high vinyl seats, cup holder and hour meter. Headlights can be added as additional accessories if required too.


In conclusion, Yazoo lawn mower is ideal commercial mowers. Depending on the needs of the job, you have a wide range of mowers to choose from.

Each of these models is a unique combination of power, features and comfort; based on your need you can choose the model that meets your demands.