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Worx Electric Lawn Mower Review


A smaller, lighter and quieter toy which acts like a road roller by Worx can be your best friend in darkness.

Can do wonders even in wet conditions without clogging. Very impressive with easily rechargeable battery which makes it performs for hours together.

Still wondering, what is this little toy? This is a small 14” lawn mower which can eat your grass easily with the catcher installation. No more smelly exhaust and many more.

There are many more surprises in hold for your intelligent buy. Let’s have a detailing of this mower to influence your decision.

Mower Highlights:
Adjustable mowing height, 1.8 to 3.3 inches
Can eat up to 6,000 square feet
Portable battery, rechargeable when docked
3-in-1 cutting
Push-button start
Ergonomic designing reducing fatigue
Can easily do mulching, bagging or rear discharge
Gift Box:
In this gift box you will find

A cordless mower
One 24V Power Tank battery
One Mulching attachment
One Grass bag with frame
One safety key
One Battery recharge
Performance rating:
Do not make the mistake of going by the size of this little toy. It has the capability of fighting the toughest. It cuts the grass like a breezy night, to be particular it cuts so well that you will never feel the pinch of your hard work. I will rate 5 out of 5 for its effortless cutting.

Why Buy?
The benefits of this lawn mower works like the most expensive mower performing actions like fescue grass, weeds, trumpet vine stalks, pine cones, Zoysia Grass, etc. You will also get a freedom from hassles of oil cans and gas.

Apart from all these advantages, you will no longer have to do salsa with the long extension cords to topple and hurt yourself too.

It also has a very convenient power methodology by a simple pull of a switch. The super powerful 24 V battery enables a mow up to 6,000 square feet on a single charge and its light weight, 33 pounds with foam padded handles makes it ergonomically too.

The fully collapsible handle and the grass level indicator make it an incredible mower. Takes less than ten minutes to assemble. It has the capacity of shredding even a plastic bag and some thick papers as well.

Why Electric start?
The major reason why people want to go for an electric mower is because they will no more have to struggle with its starter cords of gas mower and the noise too.

You can also occupy yourself in an interesting conversation with your closet buddy while mowing. Thus, you will never realize the time pass away.

Concerns of people:
A few people who have used this mower found the productivity reducing when used on moist grass. A little manual adjustment was required with regards to the height adjustment.

Valuable words:
When shopping for a lawn mower, homeowners with small yards always face a problem. To bring an end to all your problems and to give you the maximum benefits of a lawn mower, Worx has come with this ergonomic design to give you a guilt free liberty of mowing even during early mornings. This less maintenance mower is every homeowner’s favorite despite of all the little concerns.

Amazon.com gives this Worx Electric Lawn Mower a 4 star out of 5 star rating based on 27 customer reviews. Most of them thought this small mower is just like a toy, means very light and simple to assembly. Perfect for your small yard.