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Wireless Network Overview


Wireless network describes a computer network that does not require any physical wired connection between the sender and the receiver to access internet. In a wireless network, the network is connected by microwaves or radio waves to get a communication. The wireless connection can be used by anyone for multiple purposes. You can use it at a coffee shop, at a restaurant, at your office, at home, at any place where the network service is available. You can get an uninterrupted and high-speed internet service by a wireless network.

 Wireless Networking Overview

Wireless network is the most preferred networking method used today. The demand of wireless network has gained momentum.  The  use of computers, laptops are increasing in business as well as at home. The professionals feel more comfortable with using wireless devices than wired one at move. The industry standards features like portability, flexibility, high performance, ease of use and overall advance security aspects of wireless network products have taken the place of wired network. A reliable wireless networking is desired to fulfill the networking requirements of home or office. This mainly depends upon the quality of wireless network products like adapter, routers, repeaters etc. There wireless networking products are essential while setting up the network.  You need to choose the best wireless network products in turn to get high-speed, reliability, longevity and security. All right, you got the point. Now the question is how to choose the top rated wireless network products. The selection entirely depends upon your requirement. Remember, highly expensive product are not always the good one. You need to spend some time in investigating to find the right product before you buy.

Definition of the Wireless Network

Wireless networks are internet connections that do not require any cable connection to access the service. It is cheaper than the wired connections and it can be used at any place without the complication of any wired connection. It is dependent on the microwaves and radio waves. To get a wireless connection and to take advantage of its features, one should know the wireless network basics such as the types of the wireless connection, the benefits, and the security features. All these information will help you to choose the best service and to utilize its features.

Types of the Wireless Network

As mentioned above, wireless network service is more popular among the users. People prefer this service over the wired connection because of the easy accessibility and cheaper price. There are different types of the wireless networks. The details of the four major types are given below.

1. Wireless Local Area Network (LAN):

In this type, two or more devices are used to get the internet connection. It provides a connection by the access point to the internet service.

2. Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN):

This connection covers a wide area. It can cover cities and neighboring towns.

3. Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN:

It connects many wireless LANs.

4. Wireless Personal Area Network (PAN):

It is used for personal purpose. It connects the devices in a short span, normally within the reach of the users. You can choose any of these types according to your needs and purpose of use. Benefits of Wireless Network over Wired One There are several benefits of the wireless networking. Some of them are given below. • Convenient to be used. You can access it from any location within the coverage area without any disturbance and interruption. • Mobility. You do not need to sit on the desk to get the internet access that is required for a wired connection. You can get the connection at any place of your office or home. • It comes with easy Setup. You do not need to do many arrangements for the setup. The installation process is less time-consuming. • It is expandable. It can be used by multiple users without any additional connection. The wired connection might require some additional wiring. But in this case, you simply need to go through some easy steps such as password setting. • It has strong security protection. • When comes to cost. It is less expensive than the wired connection. You do not need to spend money on wires.

How to Buy Best Wireless Network Products?

If you are planning to buy some wireless networks products, you need to consider some important factors before choosing one. Many things depend on the purpose of the use and the period of accessibility. Once you are sure about the purpose, and then consider the following. • Assess signal strength • Decide the required speed • Get the one according to your choice. You can do a Google search to know more about the products, availability, and developed features. • Select the Encryption • Consider the compatibility issues • Look at the guarantee period You can get the wireless network product both inexpensive or cheaper price. All of the above features or requirements are mostly available in almost every product. You just need to choose the right one, depending on your requirements and budget.

How to Setup Wireless Network

In today’s market, the wireless network is one of the essential productivity tools to stay connected with your employees and clients. You need a proper connection to increase the efficiency and to utilize it for the betterment of your personal and business achievements. If you are planning for a wireless interconnection, then consider the following tips for the proper setup.

Check out if you PC is wireless

Currently, laptops are coming with built-in wireless networking connections. If your laptop does not have that facility then you need to install a wireless network adapter card. This adaptor card is expensive and easy to be used as well.

Have a Router capable of Wireless Networking

Many routers act as a wireless network access point. With a single router, you can get internet access for multiple computers. All of your family members or office staff can get an uninterrupted internet connection by a single router only. You can also extend your internet connection to your office staff, or store, or for any purpose by simply placing additional wireless access points in different locations. These additional points can extend the wireless signal’s strength and range over a wide area. You can use this service in different places for multiple purposes. Moreover, it is inexpensive and will not hurt your budget.

Location is also important

The signal generated from an access point can extend up to around 300 feet. But the metal, walls, and floor can affect the signal range. To get the best result, make the access points in the central areas or near ceilings.

More sharing will slow the connection

Do not share the access points with more than twenty users. It will affect the efficiency and will slow the connection.

Security Aspects

The unique feature of wireless networking is its advanced security credential. Wireless networking comes with many advanced and developed security features that protect both your personal and professional information. Some of the security features of the wireless networking are: • Data encryption. Only authorized users can access the data. • Without proper setup, any other laptop cannot access the service. • Secure access for guests and visitors. • A control system that protects the laptops and other devices.

My Final Thought

Galloping with today’s technology advancement, wireless networking is getting more appreciation for easy accessibility, less price, and developed features. Choose this facility to improve the efficiency of your internet service and to make it easy for the users of your home and office.

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