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White Lawn Mowers Reviews


They are well known for delivering products for the desired function and for their no-nonsense approach to delivering the same.

When it comes to outdoor equipment, White basically has three categories: tractors, lawn mowers and snow blowers.

The lawn mowers are typically walk behind models ideally suited for small to mid-sized lawns.

There are two sub categories under the walk behind lawn mowers from White Outdoors: push mowers and self propelled mowers.

As the name suggests, the push mowers require the operator to push the mower along the lawn to clip the grass.

With the self propelled mowers, the mower would move automatically and operator just needs to control the pace and direction of motion.

However, the self propelled mowers are more expensive; so if you have a relatively flat lawn, push behind mowers is probably the better and more economic option.

White Outdoor Push Mower

There are three popular models in this category of white lawn mowers: 109Q, A09Q and B09Q.

All three mowers are powered by Honda 160cc OHC engine. While 109Q comes with 20” cutting deck, the A09Q and B09Q come with 21” decks.

The high wheels in all the mower models means that despite being push mowers, they can be manoeuvred with a lot of ease.

Depending on the model you choose, you can get various functions. Typically, you are bound to get a uniform cutting deck with uniquely designed blades for the crisp cut.

The models also come with side discharge and mulching options. The more advanced models also have adjustable handles to suit the height of operator.

The A09Q and B09Q models come with advanced starting options where you just set the choke and pull the cable. You need not struggle with priming the mower.

White Outdoor Self Propelled mower

While these white lawn mowers are pricier than the push mowers, they offer a lot of comfort.

If you have a hilly terrain, or a relatively large lawn, the self propelled mowers are much better suited.

Besides, you can also get one for the small lawn if the comfort of mowing is very important to you.

Regardless of the need, the self propelled mowers are sure to get your job done a lot faster and with a lot more ease than the push mowers.

There are two models under this category: the 19” E183Q and the 21” VA29Q. Both the models are powered by reliable Honda 160cc OHC engines.

The E183Q model comes with deep mulching deck, and electric start. It supports bagging, side discharge and mulching functions. With a single lever you can adjust the height of all 4 wheels in one go. Comfortable handle means that you can mow the lawns with a lot of ease.

The VA29Q model is basically an improved version of the E183Q. With newer and improved design, the VA model can bag more grass and cut more grass and do it much faster than E183Q. Besides features like new deck wash mean that maintenance of this mower is a lot simpler too.