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What Size Mower To Buy

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One of the biggest conundrums for anyone purchasing a lawn mower is which mower is the best for their lawns.

First one has to confront with the tens and hundreds of brands that seem to sell the same product.

To top it all, there are multiple mower types with special and unique features.

In short, any person with limited or no prior knowledge of lawn mowers would find it hard to make a decision and typically in such cases you tend to make more wrong decisions than write ones.

This article will give you basic insights on what size to buy

The main factor that determines the kind of mower you want is your lawn itself.

You need to understand how big your lawn is and the kind of terrain you have. Secondly you need to understand the pros and cons of various mower models.

You can then match the lawn type with the right mower and make your pick.

Let us first understand the kinds of mowers you can pick.

Broadly, the mowers can be classified into two categories: gas powered mowers and electrical mowers. The gas mowers are further classified as the push mower, the self-propelled walk behind mower and the riding mower; the electric mowers are classified as corded mowers and battery powered mowers.

Push Mower:

The push mowers are a kind of walk behind mowers where you need to propel the unit by pushing it.

This is by far the most economical mower you will find in any brand which makes it very attractive.

However, pushing the mower can be a very tiring activity; you need to ensure that you do not burn out before mowing the lawn completely.

Thus it is clear, that push mowers are ideal for smaller lawns. Typically this is perfect for anything less than 10,000 square feet and not recommend for tall and thick grass.

Self Propelled Mower:

These mowers use the engine or battery power to move the mower.

As a result, you need to expend energy in driving the mower. Consequently, using this mower is a lot less effort than the push mower.

You can handle much bigger lawns with such mowers. Typically such mowers are good for more than 32,000 square feet and works great if your lawn has hills, curves or obstacles. (slopping area)

These mowers are more expensive than the push mowers though.

Four-stroke motor mowers are the most popular choice and they are suitable for an average sized garden. Also, the oil and petrol is separate in the engine sump and so you are not required to measure oil to mix with the petrol. Four-stroke motors are better than two-stroke ones as they produce less emissions and noise although we are starting to see the arrival of two-stroke mowers with reduced emission. The main advantage that two-stroke mowers have over the four-stroke is that they have a better power to weight ratio and therefore are better on very sloped lawns. Also, because there are no valves in the two-stroke version, it is much simpler and lightweight.

If you have a smaller garden for example one that is with a villa or townhouse, then an electric mower or line trimmer may be sufficient to neaten your lawn. They are easy to use and store as well as being lightweight and convenient. All you have to do is plug it into an electric socket and press start; you do not need any oil or fuel. The recommended length of the power cord is around 10 to 15 metres and although it is tempting to switch it for a longer cord, this is definitely not advisable as it can cause the motor to burn out due to the additional strain. Furthermore, this type of lawnmower is not for you if you are hoping to use it for prolonged periods on difficult areas with many obstacles in which case you should try a lightweight petrol model with a narrow chassis which is more durable and nifty.

Riding Mower:

These are the most expensive and sophisticated mowers for residential use.

It is very rate for people to use these mowers unless they have really large lawns spanning over 20,000 square feet.

These mowers are like mini cars giving you all the comfort of driving the vehicle while your lawn gets mowed.

Even riding these mowers can get tiring, but you certainly would have covered a lot of area before you break sweat.

Corded Electric Mowers:

These are light, non-polluting mowers ideal for small lawns.

The biggest problem with these mowers is the lack of sufficient mowing range.

The range of these mowers is limited by the cord length which is typically 100-150 feet.

If you have a larger lawn, you need electric port everywhere to use this mower.

Battery Powered Mowers:

These overcome the range problems of electric mowers as they are cordless.

However, they typically have lower power and your lawn size if typically limited by the battery power.

A decent mower should mow around 5000 square feet area in a single charge.


These are basic tenets based on which you can pick your mower. There is one more factor you need to look at which is the lawn terrain.

If you have a highly uneven terrain you need to scale down the lawn sizes accordingly.

For example, for a small lawn of 4000 square feet with uneven terrain, you may find it difficult to use the push mower and you may need to opt for a self-propelled one.

Similarly, you have a steep slope in your lawn, pushing the mower up the slope can be a real tough task and you would need some help like from self-propelled mowers.