What is Correct Computer Posture

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In a world where more than half the population spends a substantial part of their lives seated in front of a computer, it is surprising how little attention people ever give to computer postureComputer posturemight be simply stated as the manner in which you sit while using your computer but the truth is that the implications are more far reaching than any virus, bug or software conflict that your computer will ever encounter because correct computer posture or the lack of it will impact directly on the health of the computer user.

So what is correct computer postureCorrect computer posture is a combination of several body placements that work together to ensure that a computer user suffers the least amount of strain while using the computer. This means that they are several things which the computer use will have to take into consideration so as to be in the best position to use the computer including positioning of the eyes, back and neck postures, knee positioning, foot placement and even lighting is an important aspect in all of this.

Some of the signs and symptoms of bad computer posture are numb fingers, sore wrists, pain in the lower back and also the neck, eyestrains that may extend further to blurred vision, redness in the whites of the eye and the more commonly encountered headaches. The lower legs may also become fatigued and the shoulders may also start to feel heavy. The long term results of all this could be bone spurs (irregular protrusions that may occur along the ages of bones and these may rub against nerves causing a great deal of pain), Inter vertebral disc damage that may even lead to loss of movement and high blood pressure might also be a possibility. Luckily most of these problems can easily be resolved through posture correction and regular exercises.

Information about computer posture has been around for quite a while and probably since the very start of the computer age but it has always been overlooked by many who simply choose to downplay its importance. Unknown to most is the fact that the consequences of bad computer posture are not all temporary and may even lead to long term disability. Another thing that many people don’t realise is that taking these relatively few measures of safety is more than just a luxury and could actually raise their productivity at work thus the potential benefits of these measures by far outweigh the costs if any.