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Weed Eater Lawn Mowers Reviews

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The Weed Eater brand is a part of the legendary Poulan company which has been in the business of outdoor equipment since 1944.

Poulan delivers the best combination of power, durability and functionality are great prices. These are some of the best buys in the lawn mower and other outdoor lawn maintenance equipments.

Weed Eater Lawn Mowers - Weed Eater One

Weed Eater is a very popular and innovative range of products from the Poulan group.

Among the various models, the Weed Eater One is probably the best product from this company and it comes with many interesting features.

This falls under the Weed Eater Riding Lawn Mowers. The Weed Eater One is a strong 26” riding mower with great user friendly features like side discharge and electric start.

On the power side, you have the ever reliable Briggs and Stratton engine with 190cc fuel capacity.

The 26” cutting deck is wide enough for the perfect cut in your lawn. When it comes to getting rid of the cut grass you get three options like most other mowers in the market.

It comes with a side discharge option that will leave your cutting trail clear of any grass. If you do not prefer cut grass lying in your lawn, you can bag them during the mowing operation itself. Lastly, if you want to mulch the grass then that can be done to.

The unit comes with electric start, so you don’t have to mess around with pulling cords to start the mower. Just turn the key and you are ready to mow.

That’s how simple it is. Even the height adjustments are straightforward and you can choose from as low as 1.5 inches to up to 4 inches of grass height. To add to these great features, you have an ergonomic design. Wide foot rests, wide space between the handle and the seat, comfortable high seats and soft grip gears and wheel make is a great unit to ride.

The good part about this mower is that you need not buy it pre assembled from the factory. You can assemble with simple tools like wenches, utility knifes and tire pressure gauge, that’s all. The weed eater lawn mower manual comes with details on the various parts and explanatory notes on each assembly step.

The unit can also be upgraded to hold greater grass for larger lawns with the Weed Eater 2 Bin Bagger accessory. This is clearly designed for larger lawns and comes with practically double the capacity in two bins. The main focus on this product has been greater bagging capacity and it is pretty clear in some of its features.

The top is designed to ensure that the bags are always fuller allowing greater holding capacity. You also have a full bag indicator that lets you know when the bags fill up completely. The sturdy polyester bags last long and can be cleaned frequently without damaging them.

If you prefer organic biomass to fertilize your lawn, you can mulch the cut grass and return it back to the lawn too. To do this, you do not have to go for a separate expensive model, but purchase just the MK26A Mulch kit. The mower blades are good for mulching. This simple attachment will transform your mower into a mulch machine.

The unit comes with great safety features. One of the more interesting ones is the operator presence sensing switch.

If you were ever to alight from the mower without putting it in parking gear, the mower will automatically shutdown. Another good feature is the Reverse Operation System (ROS). With this technology, if you try to move in the reverse with the deck clutch engaged the engine will shutdown.

Lastly, because the assembly of the mower is so straight forward you can practically replace any part without having to take it to a service center ever. Just look up Weed Eater Lawn mower parts on their site and go to their distribution center to purchase one. Then look up the manual and replace the part.