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Walker Lawn Mowers Reviews


Lawn mowers are very useful in spring and summer. With growing green grass, it becomes very important to keep the lawns nice and trim throughout the season.

While residential lawns maybe small and closer to what most of us look for, the real challenge comes with commercial lawns. They are huge, and require regular maintenance. Among the commercial lawn mowers Walker is a very well known brand for its quality and features.

The best part about Walker Lawn mowers is that you get a series of base models with a wide selection of accessories and attachments. You can mix and match the attachments to get the perfect mower for your needs.

It is a great means of getting the true value for money from your investment in a good Walker mower.

Special Features of Walker mowers:


The Walker lawn mowers are highly accessible and very simple to store too. The cutting deck is placed in the front of the mower to give you great view of the mowing area. Once done, the deck can be folded back and attached to the mower. This makes it very accessible and helps save lot of storage space too.


The Walker Lawn mower is a very versatile machine. The cutting deck in the mower is detachable. You can replace it with brush, blower, trimmer and even winter accessories like snow blowers, snow blades, etc.


This unit is very agile with features like zero turn, easy handling and movement makes it a perfect mower. You can mow pond edges, fences and walls, under bushes and short trees with easy and simplicity. It is perfect combination of excellent features and comfortable handling.

Popular Models of Walker Commercial Lawn Mowers

Here are some of the most popular models from Walker in the commercial Walker mower category.

MT Series

These are one of the most popular brands from Walker. It comes with 23 HP powered Kohler engine. The Clam shell type of body is perfect for holding the higher horse power. These have 5MPH ground speed, great to get the job done in swift and slick fashion. The quick disconnect coupler lets you decouple the cutting deck from the engine, so you can alight without having to stop the engine.

MTL Series

This unit comes with Kohler’s Aegis engine with 25 HP for good power. The overheating of the engine for long hours of mowing is countered by aluminum radiator. The heat sink feature of aluminum helps keep the engine cool and radiate heat well. This is complemented by electric fan. The electric fan is quieter and more fuel efficient than other air cooled engine. With 7 MPH it is great to get things done quick and fast.

MB Series

This is a full sized garden mower that comes with a full fledged battery to power it for long hours. The 18HP Kohler engine packs the punch required for tough commercial mowers. It has a very simple design to deliver best performance. It is designed for side discharge and mulching options. So if are not very keen on bagging the grass clippings, it is the perfect mower for your commercial enterprise.

MBS Series

This is a 27 HP Kohler engine with air cooled engine. It comes with Cummins air filter system that helps increase the longevity of engine. It comes mechanical clutch and brake systems for better control over the drive train. With dual five gallon fuel tanks, it can mow longer and cover greater area in single seating. It is the perfect mower for landscape professionals and other large commercial mowers like municipalities.

MC series

This is a great set of mowers that are designed for rugged terrain. With a powerful 20 HP Kohler engine and compact size it is very popular among both large homeowners as well as commercial mowers. With 3 gallon fuel tank and 5MPH speed, it is great unit for mowing various kinds of properties. It has the perfect blend of maneuverability and speed to deliver top notch mowing performance.

Truly, Walker commercial lawn mowers are one of the best units available in the market. They are tough and at the same time comfortable, they are huge and yet agile and maneuverable. They are great for large home lawns as well as commercial use like municipalities.