Wagan 7 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers

Wagan 7 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers can be a good option for people who travel often, since they plug into the car and feature convenient car-related features like padded armrests and cup holders. Like other thermoelectric coolers, it relies on a fan system to cool the inside, and it will cool to about thirty-five or forty degrees below the ambient temperature, so it may not work particularly well in a hot environment. It comes with a car plugin, and you can buy the AC adaptor separately to be able to plug it into a regular outlet in a home or motel.

Wagan 7 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers

Features of the Wagan 7 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers

The size of the Wagan 7 Liter is nice for certain things. It will hold about nine cans or a meal and a couple of small snacks. It slides nicely into a car seat, which makes it easier to haul around with you. It’s insulated with foam to be more energy efficient, and it features a cup holder and an arm rest for extra convenience in the car.

Features Include:

  • Holds nine cans or a meal and some snacks
  • Fits easily into a car seat
  • Foam insulated
  • Cup holder and padded arm rest
  • A Thermoelectric Cooler Review: Pros and Cons

    One thing reviewers note about the Wagan Thermoelectric Travel Coolers is that the heating feature they have is convenient for keeping meals warm, and it may actually work better than the cooling feature. Reviewers also note that it works well as long as you’ve pre-chilled the items you put into it.


    • Heating feature keeps meals warm
    • Works well with pre-chilled items


    • This cooler doesn’t get terribly cold, but you have to remember that the coolness inside depends on ambient temperature outside. Also, using pre-chilled items works best.
    • The cooler will drain a car battery fairly quickly, so you have to either use an AC adaptor to take it inside at night or simply unplug it.
    • The same thing goes for hot items – it won’t really heat them up, but it can help keep pre-heated items warm.

    Is this Wagan Thermoelectric Cooler for You?

    There are some coolers out there with better reviews, including those from Koolatron. If you want an affordable cooler that will work to keep pre-chilled items cool and pre-heated items warm, the Wagan 7 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers are a good choice. However, don’t expect stellar performance or the ability to chill things like a fridge will.

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