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Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers


Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers are a great size for travelers who want to keep lunch hot or cold. These thermoelectric coolers can be reversed so that they’ll either keep food cold or keep it warm for you all day long. As long as the cooler is plugged into your car or an outlet with an AC converter, you’ll be able to keep your food at the proper temperature pretty much indefinitely. Plus, you don’t have to worry about wasting room in this lunch box with ice or ice packs, since you can use this cooler without any of that.

Features of the Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers

One of the major features of Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers, of course, is that they can be used to both heat and cool food, which is convenient and gives you plenty of flexibility with this product. Another major feature, though, is that you can easily switch between these functions with the flick of a switch, whereas many thermoelectric coolers require you to actually reverse the cord to get the heat function to work. Finally, the cooler also offers an LED temperature display so that you know just how cold or hot your food and drinks are.

The Features Include:

  • Can both heat and cool food
  • Switch between heat and cool with the flip of a switch
  • LED temperature display so you know the exact temperature of your food and drinks
Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers

What Thermoelectric Cooler Reviews Say About This Cooler

One thing that reviewers like about the Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers is that they are meant to fit easily in the back seat or center console of a car, which makes them great for road trips and business travel. They also feature two built-in cup holders, which is even more convenient if you set the cooler up front, as well as a padded armrest. It’s also a nice size for a six pack, which is convenient when you just want to store drinks in it.

The Pros:

  • Fit easily in back seat or center console
  • Two built-in cup holders and padded armrest for convenience
  • Can hold a six pack

The Cons

  • According to some thermoelectric cooler reviews, this cooler doesn’t get drinks and food very cold. However, since thermoelectric coolers only cool to about forty degrees below the ambient temperature, they are a little different from traditional ice coolers. The key is to put food and drinks in when they’re already cold, and then this cooler will keep them cool rather than having to try to cool them down.

Is the Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Cooler for You?

Wagan 6 Liter Thermoelectric Travel Coolers are a great option for people who travel for business and need to take lunch along. You can either keep your lunch hot or cold, which is great. Also, those who are interested in keeping a six pack cold for a long trip would find this small thermoelectric cooler useful.

Best Price & Availability

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