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Vintage Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Antique And Vintage Lawn Mowers Collection

Lawn mowers have been around for long time. Like all items, classic models even in lawn mowers have a different charm about themselves.

While we may use the latest mowers with great technology, it is always interesting to see how the older models evolved. It is also interesting how these models have evolved from rotary mowers to modern day walk behind ones and how many of their features are still used today.

Vintage Lawn Mowers 1960s - Atco Rotary Mower

actor rotary mower

Atco is a very old and quite popular lawn mower company. Having been building mowers since 1920s, it was surprising that Atco did not manufacture rotary mowers till as late as 1950s-1960s. All the previous mower models were motor mowers.

The first designs were named 1857R and 2157R. The 18 and 21 were the deck sizes. So the 1857R was a 18” deck mower and 2157R the 21” model.

The 57 probably was to signify the year of release and the models were released in 1957.

The ‘R’ obviously was to differentiate these models from the regular or standard motor mowers from Atco. These mowers had Villiers engines.

Vintage Lawn Mowers 1940s - Greens Master Light Weight Motor Mower

This was a very popular mower during the 1940s and 1950s. The reason for it popularity comes form many unique and innovative solutions that Greens incorporated into this model.

The first important feature was the kick start option to get the mower motor humming. This was so much simpler than the usual pulling the rope. No wonder it was about comfort.

The next great feature was the detachable cylinder. So if the unit parts become worn out, you did not have to wait for it to be repaired at the service center. Just remove it and fit the new one and start mowing.

This modular design ensured that you would continue to and not stop in the middle to worn out parts.

The first models came with Villiers motor engine and 14” deck. The whole unit was covered with plate steel enclosure. This meant that the operator did not have the risk of coming in contact with moving sharp parts. It was truly a safe and modern mower of its era. Later there were bigger 17” models released given its popularity.

Sadly though this was one of the last models from Greens as they were bought out around that time.

Vintage Lawn Mowers 1970s - Ransomes Matador

ransomes matador

Ransomes was a very popular lawn mower company making some real good vintage mowers during the 1970s. The Ransomes Matador is one such model.

Like the mowers of that time, it is pretty heavy and hence very sturdy and tough. No wonder that you may even find these mowers available for sale at various places. It is a rotary mower with 24” cut. It comes with MAG engine which is also known to last very long with good maintenance.

The unit comes with a detachable grass box, similar to the current day bags. The only difference is that the grass box is made of metal and has less space than modern day mower bags.

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