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Used Lawn Mowers For Sale


Before you browse around our marketplace, please be sure to read our buying guide - Tips on buying second hand lawn mowers

Buying a used mower can be a very good deal, or it could be a very bad one. Don't just look at the price, but also try to assess the condition of the device. Even if everything seems to be in order, and the paint job fairly gleams, you should still check out a few important clues as to the real state of the machine.

Go in for a visual and mechanical check of the mower – look at the bearings, for example, and at the spindles – if they're all right, and tight, all is well, but if you detect any looseness, this might be a problem area once you own the mower. And remember that if you have to go in for expensive repairs you may end up paying more for spare parts than the amount that you saved on buying the used mower in the first place.

So it's certainly important to check if the main axle of the blades has any play, or if the mower gives off too much smoke when it's working – both are signs of excessive wear, and perhaps if you see these, you should look elsewhere for a used mower.

So what else do you look at? One thing is the air filter – always a problem area in any internal combustion engine. If it's very dirty, it can be a crucial clue as to how well (or badly) the mower has been maintained. Are the moving parts greased? This is another clue as to the maintenance that has been done on the device. These simple, small things can tell you whether a used lawn mower is worth buying, or whether you should keep looking for that perfect deal.

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While, there might be not many places where you can buy used lawn mowers, still you can keep searching. and here is a good place to start