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Types of Water Heaters


A water heater is a model that uses electrical energy to raise water’s temperature from the reasonable level. Most modern homes have water heating systems installed in the basement.

There are various types of water heaters available in the market today. 

They are the tank-style type, the tankless and the solar-type heater. The tank-style is the most common one available today. It consists of tanks or vessels that contain water. The water is kept continuously hot so that anytime anyone needs hot water; it is readily available. 

The tanks for an average home can hold about 100 gallons of water. The bad side of a tank-style type is it uses a lot of energy just to maintain the temperature of the water.


Traditional waters heaters have a storage capacity of 40-50 gallons, and they are known as 1. electric, 2. Propane or 3. gas. These units are continually changing the way they are manufactured due to the Technology and government regulations. A newer model is 5-10% more energy efficient than a unit older than five.

Storage-Tank Water Heater

This is capable of heating water and storing it in a tank. According to many water heater reviews, it is one of the more affordable, popular, and easy to install type. It can also last up to 10 years or more. It is commonly used in conjunction with other water heater types as a backup or for additional storage. This is pricier than electric water heaters but is more cost-effective in the long run.

Solar Tank Heater

Solar water heaters have its own sets of benefits. The most environmentally-friendly and energy saving water heater type. Although on the costly side, buyers will be eligible for as much as 30% tax credit without a price limit. Commonly used with a tankless or storage-tank water heater for those cloudy days.

Electric Heat Pump Style Water Heater

Based on various water heater reviews , this is the only electric water heater model eligible for a 30% tax credit. This water heater type is also known as a hybrid water heater and is the most advanced and energy saving electric water heater type. It is similar in design to an electric tank style water heater but makes use of a heat pump for heating water.

Tankless Water Heater

Also known as an on-demand water heater, it conserves energy because it does not heat water unless required. It is also a space saver since it doesn’t use a tank for storing water. As stated in some water heater reviews, this type can last for 15-20 years, is easily repairable, and carry more extensive coverage. It is also eligible for a tax credit of as much 30%.

Gas Condensing Water Heater

Considered the most cost-effective of the gas water heaters, this water heater type helps you save as much as 30% on water heating costs and qualifies you for a 30% tax credit. It provides uninterrupted supply of hot water at three to five gallons every minute so you always have hot water handy.

Point-of-Use Water Heater

This is a mini water heater type that can come in semi tankless or tankless varieties. It provides users with instant hot water supply to a predetermined shower system or sink. Based on some water heater reviews, it is usually used in combination with other water heaters types that are larger.


Newer water heaters efficiently decrease utility bills by conserving these precious resources. In light of this, you can see how important it is for you to select the right unit to match your needs and climate. If we all work together, we can aid save our valuable, irreplaceable resources, and energy-efficient water heaters will help us do just that. There’s a big push nowadays for reducing our carbon footprint. One of the excellent ways to do this is through water and energy conservation. Most modern homes have water heating systems installed in the basement for use.