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Type Of Lawn Mower – Comparison

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Comparison of Each Type of Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is defined as a machine that utilizes revolving blades used to cut a lawn at a straight and leveled length.

It could be either power operated or simply hand operated machines.

To improve the process of cutting grasses even easier, faster and more efficient, different types of lawn mower had been created. These different types have been designed for a particular purpose.

The smallest lawn mower that could be operated by human are best designed for small gardens and residential lawns.

Larger mowers, on the other hand, are made intended for large lawns. The largest mowers are designed for wide areas of grasses such as the municipal parks and golf courses.

The types of lawn mower generally divided into three:

Reel mowers

Reel mowers, also termed cylinder mowers carry a fixed and horizontal cutting blade depending on the desired height to cut.

Above this is a reel of blades, spinning fast that draws the grass by the cutting bar. Each of the blades in the blade cylinder creates a helix about the reel axis a cylinder is described as the set of these spinning blades.

Among the type of lawn mower, reel mowers that are properly adjusted will result a cleanest cut of grass, allowing the grass to recover more quickly. Moreover, reel mower still features numerous key advantages.

Among these were: less costly and required less maintenance compared to the gas mowers; less dangerous and environment friendly; and it also generates less noise and can be easily transported. Your physical exertion to operate a reel lawn mower is best substitute for an aerobic workout, you have finished by exerting sweat and speed still pays off.

Rotary mowers - Gasoline Powered

Rotary mowers are lawn mowers that employ a blade which rotates at a vertical axis.

Gasoline rotary mowers are powered by internal combustion engine. This engine could be classified as four-stroke or two-stroke engines, functioning on gasoline or other fuels on liquid form.

Lawn mowers using internal combustion engine commonly has only one cylinder. Power dissipated has the range of 1.5 to 6.75 kilowatt-hours. The engine is commonly carbureted and need a manual pull crank in starting it. Gasoline mowers have advantages, which includes the greater distance range and power.

Unfortunately, they do make pollution from the gas emitted in the engine. The engines also demanded periodic maintenance like cleaning or replacing the air filter and spark plug.

Electric rotary mowers are classified into either corded or cordless models. Both of these types are quiet, generating a value of less than 75 decibels. On the other hand, gasoline powered lawn mower can produce more than 95 decibels. It is also safe to operate because they are equipped with a switch that automatically stops the motor when it's not under operation.

Rotary mowers - Electric, AC line or Battery Powered

Cordless lawn mowers cover only a limited range because its trailing cord has a range of 100 to 150 feet from the power outlet. However, when the cable had been accidentally mowed, it will stop the mower and put the user on a risk of electric shock that can be fatal.

On the other hand, cordless electric lawn mowers are supplied by several rechargeable batteries of 12 volts. Generally, more batteries could signify more power and run time.

Cordless mowers have the quality of being maneuverable the same as gasoline powered mower and at the same time, environment friendly but they are more expensive and are limited only in fewer models.

Comparison of Each Type of Lawn Mower

lawn mower type comparison