TruGreen Lawn Care Reviw

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If you are looking for a reliable lawn care service, TruGreen lawn care is definitely worth taking into consideration. It is a rather big company, with fifty eight franchises and more than two hundred company owned branches.

The motto of TruGreen is "We take pride in our work, so you can take pride in your lawn", so the desire of the company to provide quality services and deliver the best possible result is obvious. They care of their reputation and satisfaction of the customers.

TruGreen lawn service reviews

An annual program of TruGreen consists of weed control, fertilization and lime application, and the average price for all these services is around 250$ a year. You can go for the optional services as well, like aeration and seeding ($180 on average) or grub control ($70 on average). In fact, there is a full range of lawn care services you can count on when contacting this company.

Tru Green lawn care company is also known for its excellent customer service: there is always an operator to answer your questions, to help in making an appointment or choosing the best possible option. The specialists are highly qualified and dedicated, so you can expect every job to be perfectly done.

Speaking of the advantages of TruGreen lawn care company in comparison with their competitors, the first thing that comes to mind is their detailed lawn-analysis form.

They really pay a lot of attention to analyze the state of your lawn before starting their standard procedures. And it is a wise approach considering the importance of choosing the right sort of grass for every type of soil, or using the most effective pesticides.

It is also crucial to know how much moisture your lawn require and how often you should water the grass to keep it fresh, healthy and green. The analysis of the soil is very helpful in choosing a good fertilizer, so no wonder TruGreen is so careful about these things. It is a well known fact that the same fertilizer can be extremely useful for one type of soil and absolutely destructive for another.

They can also use fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides according to your preferences: if you do not have anything against the chemically based products, they will be used with all the precautions, securing the safety of your children and pets. If you prefer to go organic, you wish will be respected and only organic products will be used for your lawn care.

Besides, you can order a full seasonal clean-up, like spring lawn care or autumn lawn care: it is not a secret that a gardener is overwhelmed with work in this time of the year. In winter you can ask for removing the snow, or, on the contrary, to put more snow on your lawn areas in order to enrich the soil and prevent it from freezing.

Generally speaking, TruGreen lawn care company is not a bad choice if you expect your lawn to have a healthy and well maintained look all year round.

Overall Rating for Trugreen is 3/5

Customer Reviews

Although some customers satisfied with their services but some of them are not. Here are the most they complain about:

  • They never give any advance warning of coming.
  • They didn't get rid of the weeds, which they supposed to
  • High in price but low in service

These are most complain about TruGreen lawn services, so if you're thinking of hiring them, please make sure they do exactly what in your contract and watch out for other customers complaint