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Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Troy Bilt is a very well known brand in lawn mower business.

They have high quality, feature rich products for all kinds of demanding customers. Among the lawn mowers, Troy Bilt has two major categories the riding mowers and walk behind mowers.

Troy Bilt Riding Mowers

These are mowers with motors propelling the mower.

The operator can sit and ride it like any other motor vehicle. They are perfect for larger lawns and golf courses.

There are two sub categories in these mowers.

Zero Turn Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers

The Troy Bilt zero turn lawn mowers are branded as Mustang. There are two popular models under this brand. The 50” deck model is the bigger and more powerful unit.

The other is the 42” deck model. Both these models come with Hydrostatic Transmission for smooth handling. The advanced zero turn technology gives you low turning radius for better maneuverability.

This is a perfect unit for the larger lawns. The 52” deck model can mow 2.5 acres of lawn in about an hour. The unit comes with a pivotal front axle that ensures smooth cut. The unit can support side discharge, bagging and mulching as required.

The high seat makes controlling of the mower simpler and gives good visibility to the operator. Electric Power Take-Off means that the blade can be engaged and disengaged easily from the operator seat.

Riding Lawn Tractors

The lawn tractors are more than just simple mowers. They are true outdoor utility vehicles.

There are multiple models under this category like Horse Lawn mower, Range Rider lawn mower, Bronco Lawn mower, Pony Lawn mower, Thoroughbred and Tuffy lawn mower. With deck sizes ranging from 38” to 46” you have a wide range of options to look at.

With other features like high power Kohler Courage engines, hydro and hand transmission and multiple discharge options, the lawn tractors from Troy Bilt are truly great machines.

Troy Bilt Walk Behind Mowers

The walk behind mower range from Troy Bilt is the most versatile and feature diverse solution on offer.

There are many models in this category. Primarily they are classified as Push mowers and self propelled mowers.

The push mowers are smaller and lighter as require manual push from the operator to move ahead. The self propelled are easier to operate.

Walk Behind Push mowers

There are two models in this category. Both come with high rear wheels from better traction and control while mowing.

The huge steel deck ensure proper and uniform cutting of the grass. The units come with premium engines for great cut and also for assured start. You need not struggle with starting of these mowers.

These units come with three in one options for getting rid of the clippings. You can discharge them from the side.

Alternatively, you can bag the clippings for discharge. Lastly, you can reuse the clipping in your lawn itself by mulching the clippings. The unit comes with Ready Start Choke solution that means you need not prime before starting the mower.

Self Propelled Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers

These are standard 21” mowers with three in one features for discharge, bagging and mulching options for the grass clipping.

The symmetrical deck ensures that the grass circulates uniformly in the deck and doesn’t clog corners. The rake bumper ensures that the grass is lifted upright while cutting.

The blades area designed for good finer cutting during mulching operation. There are four variations in this model.

The rear wheel drive model comes with greater operation stability. The high wheel one gives better traction and control.

The front wheel models are ideal for lawns requiring more maneuverability.

The last is the electric start mower models. These mean you do not have to struggle with the cords and priming any more. Just turn the key and the mower starts right away.

Thus Troy Bilt makes some of the best mowers in the market. You can learn more about their features and upkeep in the Troy Bilt lawn mower owner manual.