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TP-LINK OnHub AC1900 Router – Managed by Google WiFi

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Admittedly it may look a bit on the wacky side with all the antennas, but the AC1900 by TP-Link is built that way for a reason. It was designed to bring unmatched coverage and speeds for any network application it is used on. There are a total of 13 high-powered antennas in this design. Six of them are 2.4GHz with an additional six that operate on 5GHz plus one congestion-sensing antenna. The whole collection of them is arranged in a circular pattern to provide superior coverage. In fact, with this many antennas, the AC1900 searches for the quietest WiFi channel in the array and automatically switches to improve signal quality. The speeds reach up to 1900 Mbps and the Google On app provides simple set up plus diagnostic assistance if you encounter any issues with the WiFi operation. This also ensures automatic updates of software which includes security and features. Online reviewers of this product are mostly positive about the capabilities and operation of the AC1900. In fact, as promoted by the manufacturer, set up could not be any easier with virtually four steps to follow (download an app, plug in the router, open the app and follow instructions). Signal strength is strong in most settings primarily due to the multiple antenna array. Some users suggest locating the router in a central location in your home for improved coverage throughout. There are a number of pros and cons according to consumers who have purchased and used this item. On the plus side design, simple configuration, powerful signal, automatic updates and bandwidth priority are mentioned. On the down side the price, the requirement of a Google account and a modem to operate this product are noted. Aside from those points, the incredibly smooth and powerful signal combined with amazing speed makes this a serious contender on anyone’s list of must-have network tools.