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Toro Riding Lawn Mowers Reviews

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If you have a relatively large lawn or around 1-2 acres, keeping it neat and tide can be challenging and at the same time imperative.

Given its size, not taking care of it, can make it look really bad. However, mowing the lawn can be a tough task too.

For such lawns, a riding lawn mower or a tractor is the best solution. Toro makes some really great riding lawn mowers that can deliver quality and comfort at the same time.

Type of Toro Riding Lawn Mowers

Typically, Toro riding lawn mowers are classified into three categories:

  • LX Lawn Tractors
  • GT2200 Garden Tractors
  • Zero Turn Mowers

Toro LX Lawn Tractors

The smallest of Toro riding lawn mowers are the LX Lawn tractors.

With options of 42” and 46” deck widths, they are ideal for mid sized lawns.

At 5.5mph maximum speed, you can tackle a decent sized lawn in good time with easy and comfort. The 15” turning radius means that you can make sharp turns at the corners and edges to mow those areas relatively well.

These mowers come with a Deck Washout port, where you plug in the garden hose and all the sticky grass clippings will be cleaned from the blade – no need to struggle with having to invert the mower and clean those areas.

Other interesting features include a three gallon fuel tank, cast iron front axle and cruise control. The three in one cutting feature means that you can discharge, bag or mulch the grass as you desire.

GT2200 Garden Tractors

These are bigger and better tractors than the LX series. With the larger size, the turning radius is around 18” for these models.

The premium Kohler engines with 2 hp pack a punch in this mower. The top class hydrostatic transmission system ensures great performance. This series also comes with the cruise control feature like LX.

With larger decks of 50” you can cover greater area in shorter time and hence these are good for larger lawns too. To add to the larger deck size, the unit moves faster than LX too at 6.5 mph.

The three in one deck means that you can discharge, bag or mulch as you wish. The high back seat makes for comfortable seating and better supervision. With bumpers you can protect the mower as well as other hurdles around the lawn.

Toro Zero Turn Mowers

The biggest challenge for many people with large lawns is not the open space, a bigger and faster mower can tackle that well. But the odd places in the lawns are always a problem area.

Your mower is just too large to mow around the trees or shrubs, or the corners of the lawn. In such cases, a good zero turn mowers are very useful.

Toro makes two variations of zero turn mowers with different deck sizes for varied lawn size and surfaces.

With 42” to 50” decks the TimeCutter mowers are great for large lawns of around 2 acres and uneven terrain. The large 48” to 60” TITAN mowers are best for the rugged lawns with large open spaces.

Both the mowers have great blade and cutting systems to deliver top quality cuts and finishes to the lawn.