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Toro Recycler Lawn Mower Reviews


With the advent of spring, a lot of activities start – some are great and some are not so great.

With the winter, you could neglect your lawn and not look bad. But with spring, you get green grass.

If left unattended, they can make your garden look too unkempt, but it mowed, your lawn will look great. However, the sight of the mower itself can be quite demoralizing for many.

However, gone are the days of the heavy mowers; now with companies like Toro have some of the great walk behind mowers that make the mower a great experience. The Toro Recycler lawn mower is a versatile mower in this category.

Features of Toro Recycler Lawn Mower

The Recycler lawn mowers come with many features. The first is the advanced self propel technology. There are many mowers with self propel technology in the market, but how many of them adapt their pace to match yours? Toro Recycler does just that. With the rear wheel drive, you get quite a good stability in using the mower.

The next interesting feature is the electric start. No need to struggle with the cord to start your mower anymore. Just press a button and you are ready to mow.

The Blade Override feature is a great feature in this mower. Typically, to move any object on traditional mowers, you would stop it and have to start it again.

The blade override feature, stops the blades without shutting the motor. So you can stop mowing, clear your lawn from objects like toys and immediately start mowing without restarting the engine.

Reviews on the 22 in. Toro Recycler Lawn Mower

The Recycle 22" deck makes the lawn mowing a simple operation. The wider cutting deck means that you cut more every time you mow.

The unique Recycler mulching system cuts the grass into finer particles and recycles them onto your lawn making it greener and healthier than before.

And if you don’t want to mulch, then with a flick of a switch you can start bagging the discharge. The bags are large and easy to attach, so it is not tough thing to do.

The Maintenance

The next comes taking care of your mower. The Toro Recycler lawn mower has Washout port. All you need to do is plug your garden hose into this port and start water. It will clean the blades off the sticky grass easily. No need to turn the mower upside down and struggle with the grass and clippings.

Add to all these some great warranty schemes from Toro. You get a 3 year warranty on the drive train and on guarantee start.

This means you need not worry about your mower getting stuck or not starting. The warranty will take care of the problem free of charge. Besides, such a long warranty period means that Toro doesn’t expect it to fail in that time; else they would not risk the time.

To top all these, for the first two years any part or operation that doesn’t work is taken care by Toro for free.

Toro Recycle is a great walk behind mower model from Toro. It is compact and comes with great features that make using it very comfortable. With some of the innovative solutions in the model, you are looking at your mower this spring.