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Toro Lawn Mower Reviews

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Toro Lawn mowers
From Professional to Residential

The Toro Company is nearly a century old and has been in the outdoor equipment business all the while.

The sheer time that this company has stayed afloat is a testament to the products and their quality.

They make a wide range of equipments from irrigation products that use water efficiently to lawn mowers that can help preserve and beautify your lawns.

The first foray into the commercial lawn mowers for the Toro Company was in1921, when they successfully mounted five lawn mowers on to a tractor for golf course maintenance. Since then the Toro Lawn mowers have become popular internationally for both the commercial and residential segments.

Professional Toro Lawn Mowers

Interestingly, while the Toro Company is more popular for its domestic products, it is the commercial products that account for nearly 67% of the sales.

On the professional equipment front, the Toro Company manufactures products that are targeted towards maintenance of large landscapes like golf courses, sports fields, grounds, etc.

Some of the products in the Toro portfolio for professional lawn mowers include:

  • Zero-turn mowers
  • Precision fairway mowers
  • Green mowers and
  • Rough mowers

Among the professional grade mowers, Toro has series for different kinds of mowers.

The ReelMaster series are ideal for fairway mowing. The powerful motor and yet light treading help create some classic fairways.

If you are challenged with some rough areas in the gold course or grounds, the Groundsmaster series offers excellent rough mowers.

If you are a golf course superintendent, and are looking for smooth golf courses, the Greensmaster mowers are your ideal picks. Sometimes, trimming the surrounding area could be the most challenging aspect of any gold course mowing.

The Toro company has products under the Reelmaster and Groundsmaster series for such requirements. Lastly, Toro also has many models for the landscape mowing requirements.

Residential Toro Lawn mowers

The first lawn mower for domestic use was made by the Toro Company in 1925. It was called the Silver Flash and it was a push reel mower.

For the residential market, the Toro Company has many useful types of equipment from lawn mowers, to snow blowers. Among the lawn mowers walk power mowers and zero turn riding mowers are quite popular.

Toro Walk Power Residential Mowers

The walk power mowers from the Toro Company are ideal for people who like to mower while walking in their lawns.

The patented Personal Pace technology from Toro, means that the system moves itself, rather than you having to push it.

The engines never get stuck so you don’t tire trying to start the engines and your entire lawn moving is a pleasurable and effective experience.

There are three popular models in this category:

  • The e-Cycler is a cordless, easy to use, electrically powered mower system for lawn size up to 10,000 sq ft.
  • The light weight and lack of gas or oil mess makes is a great choice.
  • The Recycler and Super Recycler are heavier and higher grade mowers with recyclable bags at the back that can be easily washed and reused.

Toro Zero Turn Mower

If you have used mowers for sometime, you will understand the importance of a zero turning radius.

Most lawn mowers need a turning radius that means extra work trying to shave off the grass missed due to the turn.

If you want to move to the next level of lawn mowing and become more professional, you need to consider the Toro Zero Turn mowers.

Time Cutter is a professional grade lawn mower that can handle yards of up to 2 acres. It is sturdy enough to work over uneven surfaces, maneuvering through the challenging layout of your lawn.

The TITAN is probably more of a blend between the domestic and professional lawn mower. With 48” – 60” deck options, and professional grade power and performance, this is the true mower for the pros in the residential areas.

In summary, the Toro Company is a great name in lawn mowing equipment space. Be it residential or commercial, they can deliver the best in class mowers for all terrains and requirements.

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