Toro Lawn Mower Parts – Common Part List

A good mower is only as good as its components.

Of course as an operator it is always good to know which kind of mower are you using and what are its parts.

There are multiple reasons why knowing this is useful. For starters, if you find some small, external part is broken and you are no more covered in warranty, you can replace it yourself rather than taking it to the service center.

Secondly, you can guess if the repair work will cost you a lot or not. This article will look at Toro Lawn Mower parts. Every Toro mower consists of different sections called assemblies; each of these come together to make the Toro mower.

Depending on the model, the assemblies may vary, but generally they are all consistent, as mowers need to mow.

You can refer to the Toro Lawn mower manual for details on these assemblies.

Common Parts for Toro Lawn Mowers

Air Filter

One of the most common part that you’d likely replace in your mower is the air filter.

Typically, there are three kinds of air filters – canister filter, foam air filter and paper air filter. Depending on the model and the location of the filter, different filters are used.

You can get more information on where to look for your air filter and which category is it. Toro manuals also have good diagrammatic demonstration on replacing the air filters.


The next important part replaced in the mower is the blade. Blades are very sharp and help cut, or mulch the grass. But over time, with continuous use, these tend to get worn out.

They are pretty simple to replace as long as you exercise caution while replacing them. The new blades are extremely sharp and careless handling can cause serious injury. Read the manual and use gloves while replacing the blades.

Spark Plugs and Electric Starters

Spark Plugs and electric starters are part of the mowers electric assembly. These are not present in all the mowers. Some of the Toro mowers have key start and push button electric start. These require the spark plugs and starters to run. Of course for these to function properly, you need battery.


That brings us to batteries. These are equally important parts in these electric mowers. Try to stick to the same category of batteries as you have in your mower.

Changing it may still keep your mower working, but reduce its longevity. Also note that batteries always come with a fuse and in most cases, these batteries will not work, nor charge without the fuse.

It is important with these electric mowers that you are not working with the spark plugs and fuse in place.

If you are unfortunate, the spark plug may just start the mower while you are replacing the blades and you could be seriously hurt. So always follow the safety tips mentioned in the manual while working on these mowers.

These are some of the common Toro lawn mower parts that you would typically encounter frequently and may even replace your self.

Besides these you have standard accessories. These are not parts as such and can be attached or detached regularly.

However, it is better to follow safety procedures during these fittings too.

The other important parts range from engines to drive trains. Typically, they won’t break down so easily, and even if they do, it is always better to have them repaired or replaced at the service center not at home.