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Toro Lawn Mower Blades – Right Measurement


Lawn mowers are vital equipments in maintaining trim and neat looking lawns.

Traditionally, they have been heavy and unwieldy and using them was quite a lot of hard work.

But technological advancements have made sure that they are much easier to use and handle. One of the biggest advancements has been in the blades.

The lawn mower blades have evolved a lot to support multiple mowing features. Toro is a very popular lawn mower company and make some very useful mower models with great blades.

Traditionally, blades were mainly to cut the grass, but now it is not just cutting grass. Sometimes you may want that grass to be cut small for mulching too. You don’t want a different unit mulching it for you.

With the technological evolution, companies like Toro have started using blades that cut as well as mulch as required.

Besides, you can also adjust the blade heights to determine the grass height you want is different areas of the lawn. All these mean that the blades are not standard metal strips that we had in the good old days.

A lot goes into blades so you must understand the blade and their specifications to purchase the right one that suits your needs.

Standard Measurement for Toro Lawn Mower Blades

Typically, there are standard measurements associated with blades.

  • Length: The length of the blade is the diagonal length from one cutting tip to the other cutting tip.
  • Width: This is the width of the widest part of the blade. Different blades have different shapes; however a good reference is that all blades are widest closer to the center so you can use that as the width.
  • Center Hole: This is the diameter of the center hole. This is important as it determines whether your blade will fit into the blade assembly of your Toro Lawn mower.
  • Center to Center Distance: Typically Toro mower blades come with two additional holes on the lateral sides of the central hole. This distance is the length between the centers of these two holes.

Depending on the model that you pick, you would require some or all of these measurements to pick the perfect match.

So when you go hunting for a replacement, it is a good idea to carry these measurements with you. Alternatively, if you can take the model number to any Toro service center you could save yourself the measurements.