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Toro Lawn Mower Battery – Different Types

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Lawn mowers are great equipments to have at the start of the spring.

You would be surprised, how quickly the grass seems to grow in spring. Your lawn can go from barren brown to fresh green to too much grass in no time.

Having a good lawn mower is critical for such cases. Toro makes some of the best and most innovative mowers. One of the features in Toro mowers is the electric start that requires battery power.

Toro Lawn Mower Battery for Electric Start Mower

The best in class walk behind mower from Toro is the 20095 Electric Start mower.

This comes with Key-Lectric start feature. With this feature, you just need to turn key and your mower starts. No more pressing the primer and pulling the cable and all that hard work. While this looks and sounds great, to get this to work you need a good battery.

Typically, the battery needs to be able to last long so that you are not really looking to keep changing it frequently. Another better alternative with lawn mower battery is to go for rechargeable ones. Like most of the other electronic devices – cameras, mp3 players, etc – since we are not always using the mower, we can take out the battery and charge it, before the next use.

The Toro electric start lawn mower runs on a standard 12V battery. For the 20095 Electric Start mower, the battery preferred by Toro is the 106-8397 battery. Typically, when you buy this model, you should get it along with the unit, pre-fitted into the battery case.

For safety purposes, you cannot start the mower without an electric fuse. The same is true for charging your battery too.

Typically, every mower unit comes with a fuse in the battery case, pre-fitted and at the same time, you also have a spare in the owner’s manual, in case you lose the first one.

And as with any new equipment or device, you need to charge the battery for 24 hours initially before you start using the mower.

For best results, you must always charge the battery after 25 hours of use. Also, it is Toro recommended procedure to charge the battery before storing the mower.

While once a month is a great reference for recharging your battery, but depending on your lawn size and approximate use, you could have different intervals.

And of course, if you run out of power, it is an indication that you need to charge it, anyway. For safety reasons, while charging the battery, keep it within 0°C to 41°C – as recommended by Toro.

The charging procedure for Toro Lawn mowers is very simple and straight forward. You have a charger wire harness and plug in the charger to any standard plug point. The battery will get charged.

Typically, the battery charger (114-1588) comes with two-color LED lights. There are three states on the charger. A red indicates charging process. A steady green indicates that the battery is fully charged.

Lastly, there is an intermediate stage when the battery is nearly fully charged. At this point, you’d see the charger LEDs alternating between Red and Green.

Some safety tips on handling Toro Lawn Mower Battery

The Toro batteries contain lead and lead compounds, which are considered carcinogenic in some states. Hence, you must always wash your hands thoroughly after handling the battery.