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Toro Lawn Mower 20055 Review

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Toro is a one of the leading companies in the lawn mower space. They have several mower models with some very innovative thinking and solutions that solve practical problems, not just something that their sales team can boast about without providing any value to the consumer.

Super Recycler Features

The Toro 20055 Lawn mower is from the Super Recycler series. The Super Recycler is the best in class offering from Toro in the walk power mower category.

You get great cutting feature with excellent discharge, bagging and mulching options.

This series have many features like blade override system – where the blades stop rotating while the engine is running, Key-Lectric start where you can push a button to the start the mower and other. However all these features are not available on all models.

Toro Lawn Mower 20055 Review

To start the mower you need to push the primer thrice and pull the chord, it start. Customers have noted that it has always started without any problem, so that is great news.

The 6.5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine delivers great performance in cutting the grass and further processing like mulching too.

The 20055 mower comes with sturdy rubber wheels that can run for years without any problem in our lawn.

With the rear wheels having options to grease them, you can increase their longevity. It moves smoothly from concrete to grass and back, so handling it is simple.

The next aspect of this unit is the treatment of the cut grass. Like most modern models, you can discharge, mulch or bag the grass as per your needs.

However, a key aspect missing in many discharge mowers is the lid on the discharge outlet. While under normal conditions, it doesn’t make much difference, but if you were to run into an object, chances are that it will fly out of the discharge outlet and that is a risk.

With 20055 model, you have a lid on the outlet to prevent such an untoward incident. You have easy to use levers that can open and shut the lid as per the need.

The next feature is the self propulsion technology in these mowers. Like other models in the Super Recycler series, the 20055 model comes with adaptable self propulsion technology.

The faster you walk the faster you can push the mower and the faster it moves and adapts its pace. This is great if you are mowing larger lawns and you tend to walk at different pace at different times.

The deck on this unit is 20-gauge cast aluminum making it tough and light to use. It comes with adjustable grass cutting height levers. With simple adjustments, you can cut the grass to different levels in different areas of the garden.

Other aspects like oil filter, air filter and spark plugs are conveniently placed. Just refer to the manual and you should be able to replace them yourself. Given that these are probably the only parts you’d replace frequently, it is not a bad model to own actually.

The only problem is the wing nuts of the handle. Some customers have complained that the vibrations tend to loosen the nuts, despite tightening and this can be quite annoying. Otherwise this is a great walk behind mower to own and mow your lawn.