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Top Rated Riding Lawn Mowers

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Lawn mowers are very useful in keeping the lawns neat and trim looking.

Besides with features like mulching, it is not just about cutting grass, it is also about recycling the clippings back to the lawn to make it healthier.

Among all mower models, the riding lawn mowers are the most efficient and comfortable to handle. But how do you pick one that suits you the most. You can look at the top rated riding lawn mowers for guidance.

Snapper 2812523BVE

The Snapper brand is owned by Briggs and Stratton, a popular brand among lawn mower engines.

It is a large lawn mower meant for the bigger lawns and courses. This model comes with a 28” cutting deck and 12.5HP Briggs and Stratton engine.

The cutting deck size is not very huge, but the high power engine means it can provide great mowing service.

The unit comes with three options for the cur grass clipping. You can discharge it with side discharge feature.

Alternatively you can retain it in the deck and mulch it before returning it back to the lawn.

The third option is to bag the clippings for disposal. The latter option is preferred in the model because it comes with a Hi-Vac design that ensures that clippings are bagged properly without clogging the deck.

It is not the fastest mower around as it can attain maximum ground speeds of up to 4.6 miles per hour.

But given the other aspects of the design like deck size, it is clear that it was not built for huge lawn so this speed is just right for the lawn sized this model targets.

It comes with five transmissions that can be changed by a level without clutch. It comes with an anti vibration system, so the engine vibrations do not make you giddy after sometime. The AVS ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride on this unit.

This is a compact, sturdy and easy to maintain model, so it will extend well to homes with cluttered garages. The only drawback with this unit though is its turning radius.

Given its relatively smaller size, this mower has a very large turning radius. It take the whole 28” of it’s deck size to make the turn. When compared to some other mowers of similar size that is really a lot. However given the other features, not many owners will complain about it.

Toro LX 420

There are many top class, high end riding mowers available in the market, but that may not be what you are looking for.

For you an entry level riding mower with decent features may be enough, as long as it fits in your budget – you are looking for something like Toro LX420, a real value for money.

With a 42” deck and 18 HP Kohler Courage engine it is perfect for medium size lawns. The automatic transmission and cruise control make riding very comfortable. You can now focus plainly on the mowing part and leave the driving to the mower!

Cast iron front where helps you navigate through tough corners easily. The three gallon fuel tank means you can mow lawns of over 2 acres in a single seating. The clippings can be discharged, bagged or mulched.

The Toro blades are known to perform the mulching function very well and the mulch unit comes built with the unit. The bag however is an additional accessory that you need to purchase.

People who have used this mower have found that it can handle standard as well as taller grass well, so you will have few issues regardless of when you start mowing your lawn.

The anti Scalp wheels mean that you do not tread the cut grass and damage them. It is just perfect for mowing and leaving your lawn nice and trim to look at.

These are just a couple of top rated riding lawn mowers, but you can find many more in the category that you are looking for. The peer ratings are great means of zeroing on your best mower choice.