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Tools For Small Engine Repair


Maintaining the lawn mower is as important as maintaining your lawn.

Given that lawn mowers mechanical units that are operated in tough conditions, there is always going to some minor or major problem.

While the major problems are generally rare, the minor problems can be quite common and they tend to affect your mower efficiency.

It is good to understand how the mower engine parts work and also have tools for small engine repair.

Screwdrivers and Spanners:

The mowers are mechanical parts that are assembled and help together using screws and nuts and bolts.

It is important that you are able to unscrew them to dismantle the engine and get to the root of the problem.

For this you will need screwdrivers and spanners. Try to get a kit that has a wide variety of tools. It is difficult to predict which mower would use which kind of screw or nut, hence having a wider variety saves you time and gets things done a lot easily.

Wire brush:

Most often the problem that you will encounter is clogged pipe or dirt and grime on some engine part. Using a wire brush you can clean those areas. However, remember that not all engine parts are tough and rugged enough to be cleaned by wire brush, so you need to use it with caution.


Engine valves are narrow inlet pipes and the main area for dust to get collected. Using simple wire you can clear these pipes, especially in carburetor. There is nothing special about the wire, as long as it goes into the hole and does not bend in there, you should be good with it.

Spare Parts:

Small engine parts like the spark plug can be purchased from the stores. Typically these are the parts that go bad with repeated use, so if you have a stock of spare replacements you can easily replace them and get your mower working real quick. It is not a bad idea to have 2-3 spare units of all small engine parts.

Safety tools:

While it great to be able to repair a broken down mower, it is more important to protect yourself while working on the mower.

This is where safety tools become very important. You need to have sturdy hand gloves while repairing any engine.

These not only keep your hands neat and clean but also protect them from sharp edges and pointed edges. Especially in case of lawn mowers, if you are handling the blades, you need the extra care.

Besides gloves you would also need eye protection while repairing lawn mowers.

The main reason for protecting your eyes is because the mower deck typically carries grass clipping and even small stones and metal pieces.

In case of any unexpected accidents you could end up these pieces in your eyes and you want to avoid them.

Bottom Line:

These are the very basic tools for small engine repair that everyone must own. These will not solve all your problems, but take care of the most common ones and ensure that you do not have to put away your mowing plans week-after-week just because you could not get a simple engine problem rectified in time.