Spring Lawn Care – Tips to Maintain

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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There is plenty of work to do on your lawn after a long winter period, but the spring sunlight and aromas in the air make it the most enjoyable experience.

If you start the season with good care of your lawn, you will be rewarded by its beauty and greenness all through the spring and summer period.

There are a few simple steps to maintain your lawn in spring time. If you remember about them every year, you will be amazed how beautiful and well maintained your lawn will look!

Simple steps to maintain your lawn

So, the first thing you have to do it to clean the lawn from all the possible debris: rake the remaining leaves, twigs, branches and so on.

It will not only add a great deal of aesthetics, but will also make the first grass cutting smooth and enjoyable.

It is also crucially important to break the piles of snow if there are any on the lawn. Perhaps this step does not seem to be that necessary for you, but it is really important as the grass underneaths these hardened piles tends to grow slower.

As a result you will have patches of smaller grass all throughout your lawn. In order to prevent this from happening, break the hardened snow by means of a shovel and distribute it around the lawn, especially in places exposed to the sun.

Early spring fertilizing

Early spring fertilizing is highly recommended as well. The grass will start developing very rapidly after a winter break, and therefore will need a lot of nutrition. In any case do not overdo with fertilizing: it can damage the roots of the grass and you will only get some additional problems.

Also, spring is a wonderful time to get rid of the crabgrass if you have this sort of weeds. It is well known for inability to spoil the look of the lawn and also for its aggressive spreading.

If you had the crabgrass last season, it is highly unlikely that you will not have it this spring. It is possible to fight the crabgrass by means of a good herbicide which should be applied a fortnight in advance before the germination.

Of course, if you have no idea when the crabgrass usually germinate, you can ask a landscape specialist to help you in this question.

And spring time is a perfect time for "repairing" your lawn. Over seeding will help you to get rid of the worn down places, and the lawn will look much better with strengthened and rapidly growing new grass. However, you should keep in mind that it is necessary to perform over seeding at least in a month after using a herbicide.

Following these simple Spring Lawn Care rules, you will ensure having a healthy and beautiful lawn to be proud of. The smoothness and easiness of the mowing will depend on how well you maintain and take care of your lawn in early springtime.