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Solar Lawn Mower Reviews


Go Green with Solar Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are very important in keeping the lawns in great shape. Traditionally, the lawn mowers were gas powered. So these emitted a lot of greenhouse gases.

Today, reducing our carbon footprint is becoming more and more important. No wonder then that people are looking for alternatives to the polluting lifestyle we have had.

Top 3 Best Solar Lawn Mowers Compared

This is where alternative energy like solar come unit picture. There are certain innovative brands that have extended the solar power concept to lawn mower too. This is commonly called the solar lawn mower.

Disadvantages of conventional Lawn Mowers

Greenhouse Grass Emission

Typically gas powered lawn mowers generate a lot of green house emissions.

As per the Government of Canada, the lawn mowers sold in North America and Europe potentially releases 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.


The gas powered lawn mowers are efficient and powerful in cutting grass, but also highly inefficient in fuel utilization.

It seems that the traditional lawn mowers can pollute the air with as much hydrocarbons, nitrous oxide and other pollutants as 40 latest cars.

It may sound surprising but these are real numbers. Similarly, gas powered mowers also create a lot of noise pollution.

Fuel Spillage

This may not affect the environment a lot, but it truly is a messy job for the operator. The fuel tank gets emptied regularly and operator needs to refill it.

This can be a very messy job and it can leave spilled fuel on the mower and all around too. Leaving this without cleaning will attract a lot of dust while cleaning it requires more effort.

Solar Lawn Mower by Solaris

solaris s21hb

Solaris has come out with the world’s first electric mower that can match gas powered mowers for performance. It is cordless and you can take it to any corner in the garden.

With a single charge you can mow any average sized domestic lawn completely. So that gives you great performance for an electric mower. You can choose from cutting grass and mulch it. So you can collect the clipping or use it to fertilize it.

The unit is a self propelled walk behind mower with front wheel drive. This makes it very easy to use and maneuver skilfully.

The durability and low maintenance of the solar panels means that you really have no work to do with maintenance.

The complete electric mower means that the pollution levels are low and there are no emissions.

The electric motors are quieter than the gas powered ones, so you do not have to disturb your neighbors while you mow your lawn.

The unit comes with a solar panel which can be used to charge the batteries.

The panels can fully charge the batteries completely within 2-3 days when the sun is out.

On the gloomy days, it can take up to 4 to 5 days. But if you mow your lawn weekly or less frequently, this should not affect you at all.

The Solaris lawn mower comes with Terra Phase motor. The unique aspect of this motor is that it is electronically controlled and is brush less.

This makes the motor more efficient so it can outperform other comparable electric, cordless mowers. This is the reason Solaris is able to use the power for self propulsion.

Here is some important information on storage and safety.

The unit is light and can be hung by its handle in the garage. It is not only a great utility tool, but also occupies limited space in your garage.

When it comes to storing the batteries, you need to ensure that they are never store below 0°C. It will affect the battery and its performance when you use it the next time.

Besides, it is always better to keep the battery in the charger. This way the battery will always be ready for you to use and it will also be at peak performance.

Given the tremendous benefits with these solar powered mowers, it is bound to catch up with the general public in a big way.

Besides the environmental benefits, you save on maintenance, storage space, annoying noise and gain on performance and ease of use.

Solar lawn mower made from running shoes and won at James Dyson Award.