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Snapper Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Snapper Lawn Mowers
Excellent durability & Low maintenance

As per the Snapper website, they provide the complete line of domestic lawn equipment that are easy to own, use and maintain.

These are three very important points when it comes to choosing a mower for anyone. You prefer it economical (easy to own), comfortable to use and lastly something that gives you less headaches.

Snapper also has the three standard models in the lawn mower category:

  • Snapper Walk Behind Mowers
  • Snapper Riding Lawn Mower
  • Snapper Zero Turn Mower

Snapper Walk Behind Mowers

The Snapper Walk mowers are great utility outside lawn maintenance equipments.

Though typically, walk behind mowers are not considered the best for large lawns, they can be great supplementary mowers to the larger ones.

On small lawns and on the edges of large lawns, the walk mowers are perfect equipments for smooth mowing.

You can choose from two varieties: The push mowers are more economical but require you to push as well as maneuver them where as the self propelled ones are propel themselves and you just need to maneuver them properly.

The HiVac Models in this category are top discharge designs that are ideal bagging mowers. The Mulching series as the name suggests are better suited for the mulching needs.

The Pivot-N-Go model is more a variable propelling speed model – you can adjust the pace of mower motion by pivoting the handle in different positions.

The last SE series are more versatile and feature rich mowers from Snapper.

Snapper Riding Lawn Mower

If walk behind is not your ideal idea of lawn mower, and you prefer something more comfortable, look no more – you have the Snapper riding mowers.

You have a wide range of models to choose from. These models are designed to give you great visibility of the grass and area being mowed.

The design also allows for all forms of disposal of cut grass. You can switch from side discharge to bagging to mulching as per your requirements from the comfort of the seat itself.

The RE200 model comes with a sharp 12” turning radius for great maneuverability on your lawn’s tight corners. The ground hugger design from Snapper ensures great traction on the grass during mowing and riding.

The Rear Engine model comes with side discharge and top bagging features. These are designed for delivering perfect mowing on your lawns.

Snapper Zero Turn Mower

This is Snapper’s solution for home owners with difficult lawn contours and trees, etc.

The zero turn snapper lawn mowers have exceptional maneuverability and yet great speed of operation making them special for domestic large lawn owners.

What’s more they come with all of Snappers typical innovative features and quality. Lastly, they also stand by Snappers goal of easy to own and are economical.

The 150Z model is perfect for the tough mowing spots around the trees or bushes. The 355Z is a more superior model.

Besides the features of 150Z, this model has a hydrostatic transmission system. This makes sure that you get maximum force of the engine torque being transferred to the mower. This way you are not just using great mowing features but very efficient and powerful engine effectively. You can tackle your large lawn with ease.

The best model from Snapper in this domain is the 500Z. This is super sized in all possible ways. It comes with high power, excellent design and great maneuverability to make the task of mowing large lawns a child’s play.

In Summary

So next time you go out there to look for good lawn mowers, you need not look beyond Snapper lawn mowers. They are one of the best in the business with excellent durability and low maintenance.

What’s more they are also very affordable, making them one of the foremost choices in the domestic lawn mowing space.

Lastly, the range of products available with Snapper means that regardless of your needs and challenges in your unique lawn, you should find a perfect Snapped lawn mower for that.

Be it versatility, maneuverability, cost, features, power or torque, you can find the best combination of all the features just the way you want in Snapper lawn mowers.