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Small Riding Lawn Mowers


Come spring and summer, the lawns grow green and the grass start to sprout. Initially, all is well, till about the 2 weeks, when the grass grow so big that you otherwise clean lawn starts looking shabby.

Time to control damage – time to mow your lawn. Lawn mowers are great means of cropping your lawn grass, but they can be a big pain to operate to. Small riding lawn mowers are great for such domestic jobs.

Advantages of Small Riding mowers

Some advantages of small riding lawn mowers are:

  • Riding mowers have a big advantage over the conventional walk behind ones. The riding mowers mean that you can sit on them and ride them, while mowing the lawn. So there is no need to push or pull the mower manually and exhaust yourself.
  • Given the riding mowers can propel themselves faster than you can walk, these are ideal for larger domestic lawns too.
  • Riding mowers also give you more flexibility of covering area faster because they tend to have a larger cutting deck than typical walk behind mowers.
  • Small size is of special importance for domestic lawns as they are easy for maintain.
  • Small size also means that they are easy to store and move around. You do not have to sacrifice a lot of garage space to accommodate the mower.
  • The smaller mowers are easy to maneuver and hence can tackle the smaller and more challenging lawn terrain better.
  • Though these are small, they can still be used to carry or tow other accessories like spreader and aerator to fertilize and aerate the lawns.
  • These mowers, like their larger counter parts also come with triple discharge options like side discharge, bagging and mulching. Depending on your preference, you can enhance your lawns better
  • Biggest problem with walk behind mowers is the cable triggered start. For many people, just this activity dampens the lawn mowing enthusiasm. Riding mowers can be started easily like any other vehicle.

Buying Guide of Small Riding mowers

Thus it is clear that there are many benefits of going for a small riding mower rather than a walk behind mower.

However, when you are looking for a good mower, you need to research it well. You have to enlist your requirements first and then look for the model that fits your bill the best.

If you want to bag your grass clippings to dispose them, then you must only look for mowers that have bagging function – this is because not all mowers have this feature. Similarly, narrow down your choices based on your specific needs. Then look for where and how to purchase them.

There are many avenues where you can get a good riding mower. The first obviously is your local store which sells gardening equipment.

They would have a wide range of mowers and you can look for small sized ones there. Secondly, you can look up some of the popular lawn mowing companies and search their distribution center close to your home.

Almost all companies list their distribution centers in their websites. Lastly, you can get used mowers at cheap rates from online sites like the eBay.

Most times, the sellers are just looking to get rid of the old mower as they have a newer one and you can get a great bargain with them.