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Simplicity Lawn Mowers

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There are many mowers that you can look for when you go out shopping. Every manufacturer has most of the standard features well covered.

Your decision in most cases boils down to the price, brand and any special feature that makes your unit different from others. If the latter aspect is important for you, you must give Simplicity mowers a serious thought.

These mowers are great units for mow as they deliver top quality cut and allow you to create patterns in your lawn -pretty soon your lawn will standout from the rest of them in the neighborhood. If you want all these go for Simplicity Lawn mowers.

Simplicity makes mowers under three categories: Simplicity riding lawn mowers, Simplicity zero Turn lawn mowers and Simplicity Push mowers.

Now you may wonder where are simplicity lawn mowers made? Well, be rest assured that Simplicity Manufacturing Inc is a US based company so you know you will get the best in technology and quality.

Coronet – Simplicity Riding Lawn Mowers

This Coronet is the prefect riding mower for small to medium lawns.

It is neither too big for a domestic lawn, nor too simple and featureless.

It has all the great features of any standard commercial riding mower but everything is shrunk into a compact size. You can get anywhere between 13.5 to 16 HP engines and cutting decks ranging from 30” to 34”. The unit comes with a 12” turning radius making it great to manoeuvre in your lawn.

The Dial A Cut option lets you adjust the cutting height easily, Ground Hugger technology gives the unit great traction on the grass and lastly the automatic seat adjustment gives the operator great comfort while riding the mower.

Simplicity Lawn Mowers - Zero Turn mowers

Simplicity has many models under this category. Each of the model comes with a unique design feature that makes certain aspect of lawn mowing easy of special.

However, all models do come with standard Simplicity quality in terms of cutting, traction and zero turning radius.

The Axion is a great zero turn mower with an open front design to let the operator see ahead. It is very agile and flexible and can mow around trees and open lawns with equal efficiency.

The Champion is a perfect example of domestic mower with professional features. Great suspension system, commercial drive train, a large 52” deck and twin lever will give the operator a professional experience and the lawn a professional look.

For large lawns and commercial setups, you need something that will get the big job done quickly – you need Citation. With 25HP or 28 HP engines and 52” or 61” cutting deck, you can sit on a Citation and mow down any lawn in record time.

The 9mph ground speeds help speed up things, especially if you have large area to tackle. If mowing is what you do all the time, then Cobalt is what you should get.

It has a rugged design with sturdy features and large 61” cutting deck. It can handle large commercial lawns easily in record times.

Walk Behind Mowers

Simplicity makes walk behind lawn mowers under the Pivot N Go series brand. These units come with Double Wave system that keeps the blades sharper longer and improve their longevity.

The Pivot N Go handle can be used to adjust the mower speeds to suit the walking speed of the operator. The unit comes with a rear wheel drive train to offer stability while mowing.

With ground speeds of nearly 4 mph, operator can cover decent sized domestic lawns with little effort. It comes with three in one cutting feature. You can opt for side discharge or mulching if you do not want to collect the grass clippings while mowing.

You can also use the bagging feature to collect the cut grass for easy disposal. Grass height can be adjusted between 1.5” to 4”. Powerful Briggs and Stratton engines deliver great performance for the mower.


All in all Simplicity has a mowing solution for all kinds of operators and all kinds of lawns.

Be it simple and small domestic lawn or the larger commercial areas, there is always a Simplicity to make the mowing job simple.