Should You Buy a Cheap Used Treadmill?

Most people would find out that investing in a brand new treadmill is quite expensive. Rather than not buying and not getting a workout, one should look at other options. You could buy a lower end treadmill, but this can break down in a few years because of bad parts. You might want to settle for a cheap used treadmill. These things might not look new, but a cheap used treadmill can still give you the same workout at a lesser price.

Trending Cheap Used Treadmills

Sometimes getting a cheap used treadmill is better than getting a brand new one. There might be people who have bought a high-end treadmill a couple of years ago, and they didn’t really use it after a few tries maybe because they found no time or simply they didn’t like it and bought another one. They could sell it to stores who would recondition it and sell it at a dirt-cheap price. Now that’s a good steal, and most people wouldn’t mind that especially if it is a high-end but slightly used model.

Other cases may involve getting these from health clubs who are upgrading to better equipment. This is quite a bargain since cheap used treadmills from health clubs are made to be very sturdy machines, able to survive lots of usage. This is also a steal since you’re getting very high-end and reliable equipment but be careful that these things have also been used a lot already.

If you are planning to buy a cheap used treadmill, better take note of these tips:

1. Check on the different parts of the treadmill. It would be better if you can see these things and try on them. By ocular inspection alone, one can tell the condition of the treadmill. If the treadmill you are about to buy is reconditioned, better check the parts and see if they are working properly. You could also bring a friend whose well-versed in treadmills. A trained eye can check for the little nuances such as the wear and tear of the belt, the sturdiness of the deck, the functioning of the treadmill console and the running of the motor. You can already spot some weak spots early on.

2. Try walking or running on the treadmill and see if it still works properly. Some used treadmills may get noisy over time since their moving parts are no longer lubricated. Some sellers may put some lubricant to lessen the noise, but this may be a temporary thing.

3. Check the history of the cheap used treadmill. Is it second hand or has it gone through a lot of owners? Is it only used for a couple or times? Or is it from a health club? Knowing where the treadmill comes from will give you an idea of its value. Check the brand. Is it a high-end model? You shouldn’t be buying a used low-end model since it’ll break down easily because of cheaper parts. Settle for the higher end models since it’s the point of getting used equipment.

These simple tips can be of great help when you are getting a cheap used treadmill. It’s better to be prepared than be sorry later.