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Self Propelled Walk Behind Mowers

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As a homeowner your lawn is very important to you, naturally you want to get the best lawnmower possible for your dollars.

The biggest problem you face is in knowing which one will work best for you and what company produces a quality product.

Yes, there is a choice to be made and it depends just as much on the size of your lawn as well as your preference for riding or pushing.

The first step to buying a lawn mower is to set your price range. Once you know what your budget is then you can find and compare different mowers in that price range.

One advantage of Self propelled walk behind mowers is they are good if your lawn have slopes with small size area (up to 2500m2 or around 0,62 acres).

Mowing up hills and terrace across uneven lawn which usually pretty hard, but with this type you can forget about that

Self propelled mowers usually comes with different speed settings that you can adjust to your walking pace. And because of that it can make your job quicker in less time.

Check out our comparison chart below and see what these three models of self propelled walk behind mowers have to offer. And rest assured that no matter which one you choose remember to read the manuals and take the proper safety precautions.

Self propelled walk behind mowersJohn Deere JM36Toro 20330Craftsman 37068
Engine BrandsBriggs & StrattonBriggs & StrattonBriggs & Stratton
Cutting Deck22"22"22"
Height of cut/td>1-4"1-4"N/A
Warranty2 years2 years2 years

More reviews on each self propelled walk behind mowers

Toro 20330

This is a great mower with a decent price – one of the most economically priced when you look at the entire Toro recycler series. With 22" cutting deck it can cut quicker than smaller deck and deals with wet and longer grass.

Toro also has a feature called washout port, you can easily clean the mower without turning it upside down simply connect a garden hose to the deck to clean any clipping from it. This mower is best used for a regular sized lawn with flat surface. This is a front wheel mower and if you have overgrown grass, this is the best one. Most of the reviewer’s say that is does not work as well on inclines and is hard to maneuver on sloping lawns.

Craftsman 37068

Reviews on craftsman 37068 all say that it is similar to the Toro 20330. It has the same features that Toro has and comparable in price too, well more or less. But Craftsman has large rear wheels, which is more useful for hills and terrain.

Between those 2 models, I'd opt for Craftsman. Why?

After comparing the reviews for each and ratings from Sears, Amazon, etc, I found most customers were less satisfied with the Toro. Most complain about having functionality problems after few uses, especially after the 1st year. On the other hand the Craftsman’ reviewers say it works well time and time again. 55 customer reviews on this product all said basically the same thing and they also mentioned that it starts on and cuts thick grass very well.

John Deere JM36

We also took a closer look at the John Deere JM36 walk behind lawn mower and were surprised to find that it has great performance reviews as well. The JM36 is said to be the very best for very large grassed areas. It has a 3-in-1 design like no other mower on the market. The reviews had nothing but praise for the way it allowed the user to switch between collecting, mulching and discharging; it only took a few seconds to move the lever. John Deere is well Known now for its variable speed drive system and the new owners of the JM36 say this self propelled mower has that same system that gives you total control over the forward speed, it allows you to control the mower speed by the pace of your own gait.

Best buy for self propelled walk behind mowers

This one is by far the best one of the three. You will be able to get a decent lawn with either of the three but this one will give you more bangs for your buck. As with all John Deere products you get a factory warranty and the great service they are known the world over for. The price is similar to the Toro and Craftsman so why settle when you can get the best.