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Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews

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How a self propelled lawn mower works

There are different types of lawn mowers available, but a self propelled type is one of the most popular and efficient.

It is a mower that has an internal combustion motor and runs on petrol or any alternative liquid fuel.

Typically the engine has only one cylinder. There are self propelled reel mowers and self propelled rotary mowers. However, the majority of these lawn mowers are of rotary type.

Their blade rotates around an axis that is placed vertically. Under such circumstances the blade spins horizontally.

Almost all the self propelled lawn mowers need to be started by means of a manual pull crank. The grass gets into the blade and its top is ripped ff by the blade.

Self propelled electric lawn mowers will mow the grass after you squeeze a bar which is placed close to the mower's handle. The mower blade gets engaged by this bar and the lawn starts moving. When you release the bar, the mover does not move because the blade does not rotate.

Some self propelled mowers are more sophisticated: you can move the machine from one place to another without restarting your mower. It is possible simply because their driver does not shut off even if the blade has stopped rotating.

As a rule self propelled electric lawn mowers are light weight and maneuverable. They are also easy to navigate.

However, do not forget that the rotary mower blades make around three thousand movements a minute, and this can be extremely dangerous. That is why you should avoid letting children mow the lawn without your supervision.

Drive systems of self propelled lawn mowers

Self propelled electric lawn mowers have different drive systems, and every single one has their advantages and disadvantages.

The drives depend on the operating technique and principle of work.

For instance, some of them work better plane surfaces, while the others are more suitable for the slops. Lawn mowers with front drive mowers are more suitable for a flat surface.

Keep on mind that if you mow the same lawn in the same direction with a self propelled lawn mower, in a while the ruts will start forming.

To avoid this,it is advisable to take different directions every time you decide to mow your lawn or garden. It will be also beneficial for the entire look of the lawn, as switching the patterns of mowing will prevent the blades from cutting the grass in one directions.

Self propelled rear lawn mowers ensure also instant trimming of the grass. Its improved configuration makes it easy to start the machine. It has the mulching option, which can be important for a gardener.

Rear lawn mower can use drive wheel as well as wheel with gear connected to it. You should opt for metallic gears and avoid plastic ones as they tend to wreck the whole system.

In order to prolong your mower's service, you should avoid sudden turns by putting additional pressure on the bar. The most common reasons for drive failures include bad maintenance and putting too much oil into the tank. Petrol internal combustion causes air pollution and can be a reason of noise, which is unbearable for some people.

These days self propelled lawn mower with excellent characteristics, maximal efficiency, nice speeds, light weight and reasonable cost are available on the market.

The models get improved year after year, making the process of mowing more and more enjoyable. In fact it is possible to turn mowing from a boring Saturday chore into a wonderful experience, provided you have a right kind of a lawn mower. Self propelled lawn mowers from different popular companies would make an excellent choice.