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Sears Lawn Mowers Reviews


Sears is a very popular brand of stores in North America. They have all kinds of stuff ranging from clothes to outdoor equipment.

Sears also have a pretty good variety of garden equipment like lawn mowers.

Like more other merchandise, Sears does not sell products of its own brand name, but some other popular ones.

The benefit of purchasing products from Sears store is that you get the manufacturer’s warranty and service along with some additional benefits from Sears itself.

So it may in fact be a good idea to purchase lawn mowers from a Sears store rather than other distribution centers.

Who Makes Sears Lawn Mowers

When you ask yourself, who makes Sears lawn mowers, you’d find that they are some very popular and trusted brands names.

Sears is a very popular and large chain of retail stores in North America. Sears Lawn mowers can sold under the brand name of Craftsman.

These mowers are manufactured by Swiss maker Husqvarna. These mowers are typically house one of the three standard engines: Kohler, Briggs & Stratton or Honda.

Given below are some of the brands and a sample model review of the brand.

Craftsman Lawn mowers

Craftsman is a standard brand name in tools and outdoor equipment across North America.

Hence, it is an obvious brand that you are bound to find in the Sears stores.

There are many Craftsman lawn mower models that you can get here. You have a good choice of walk behind lawn mower for the standard sized residential lawns.

You can also find larger riding mowers and tractors for bigger domestic lawns and commercial needs.

Craftsman Platinum Rear Propelled Lawn Mower

As the name suggests this is a good walk behind mower from Craftsman that you can find in your local Sears store. It comes with a 190cc engine from Briggs & Stratton.

It comes with a 22” cutting deck and three grass cutting options: side discharge, bagging and mulching. The unit can be purchased fully assembled which means you can start using it immediately after purchase.

The rear propelled system means that you have a lot of stability and traction when you are mowing. This is useful on slippery and tall grass lawns.

The Precision cut blade technology ensures that your lawn receives the perfect cut every time.

Husqvarna Lawn mowers

Husqvarna is one of the world’s largest producers of outdoor equipment. No wonder that its products have found a place with Sears, a top store brand in North America.

Given its international presence, and European origins, Husqvarna models that you may find at Sears may not be as varied as the local Craftsman.

However, if you are looking for a global brand with tested results delivered in all terrains and for all customers, even the limited choice is more than enough.

Since Husqvarna specializes in larger mowers, you may not find enough choices in the walk behind section, but quite a lot in the riding mower section.

Husqvarna 54'' Kohler 24 hp Gas Powered Riding Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

As a true Husqvarna brand mower, this powerful zero turn riding mower comes with a 24 HP Kohler engine. With four adjustable gauge wheels and zero turn design you can mower the lawn with precision and control.

The 54” cutting deck makes the job of mowing very fast and simple. This mower also comes with three cutting options: bagging, mulching and side discharge.

The hydrostatic/ automatic transmission and the general design mean that this mower can match tractors for ground speeds and mow the lawn quickly.

Like all Husqvarna models, this unit also has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to steer, move and handle, in general.

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Buying Guide at Sears

Described above are just a couple of sample models that you can get at Sears, but the general idea is pretty clear.

You will get top quality product from some of the bests brands at this store.

Sears hosts a lot of sales all around the year, be it Thanksgiving, or Christmas, etc. these are the perfect times to get good branded mowers at cheaper rates.

A good thing to look for in Sears stores is the Brand of the Month sale. In this event, Sears nominates one of its brands as brand of the month, and offers attractive discounts and offers on some of their best models.

If you are alert, you can get a steal on your next lawn mower. Lastly, Sears has is own card and loyalty program. If you register for it, you can get more perks on your purchase. So why wait, go and get your next Sears lawn mowers.