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Best Scotts Riding Lawn Mowers


Scotts was a very popular and trusted brand till nearly a decade ago. Today, there are no new Scotts mowers in the market as John Deere – the maker – stopped its production in 2002.

However, the original mowers are still durable and effective in their tasks. So you can get the older models from online stores. Many times you may also get good mowers on sites where people put their used products for sale.

Top 3 Riding Lawn Mowers Compared


Interestingly, despite its popularity, it was never manufactured by Scotts at all. Originally, Murray used to make lawn mowers under the Scotts brand. Later the line of product was bought by John Deere.

Since both Murray and John Deere are the top makers of lawn equipment, the Scotts brand name grew under them. However in early 2000, John Deere found a lot of similarities between its range of products and Scotts mowers and stopped its production.


The Scotts Brand still has some amazing products that are supported by John Deere.

2002 Scotts lawn mower models

These were the last models that were rolled out by John Deere. The popular models in this category were:

  • L1742: A powerful riding lawn mower with a 42” cutting deck and 17 HP.
  • L17.542: This is a slightly more powerful mower with 17.5 HP engine with the same cutting deck
  • L2048: This is a 20 HP mower with 48” cutting deck.
  • L2548: This is a 25 HP riding lawn mower with 48” cutting deck

Older Models

You can also find the older series of Scotts riding lawn mower. These models include S1642, S1742, S2046 and S2546. As per the Scotts standards, the first two numbers indicate the engine power and the last two indicate the cutting deck height.


Scotts mowers are quite powerful machines that can be used for a wide range of activities in your lawn. To enhance the usability, there are many accessories that you can purchase for your mower.

The most common accessories are the bagger and the muchlers. The baggers help collect the grass clipping for easy disposal while the mulchers are great to mulch the grass and recycle it back into your lawn.

For the larger gardens, you can add tiller extensions to the mower. If you place to use it in winters there are snow blades and snow blower options to look for too.

Purchasing Scotts Riding Lawn mowers

Scotts riding lawn mowers can be purchased today from online sites where people are trying to resell their used products.

While this is a great way to get your hands on one of the best mowers in the history, you need to take some precautions in such purchases. Always make sure that the user who is selling you stuff has a good reputation – if it is someone new you need to look at that offer with caution.

Secondly, if you can look for someone in your own city of locality, it is great; the reason being that you can actually visit that person and try out the mower before shelling out the money.

It is great to know John Deere still supports Scotts mowers, but that does not mean you want to exercise that support.