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Scotts Lawn Mower Review

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The Scotts Lawn mower had been a very popular brand for quite a few years.

It was not until John Deere bought out Scotts that we do not see any more models from this great company.

The reason for the halt in product of Scott range of lawn mowers was that the profile of products being offered by both John Deere and Scott were very similar for them to be sold in parallel.

However, there is no doubt that Scotts Lawn mowers were some of the best in the industry.

John Deere Factor

Initially the Scotts mowers were being built by Murray. They were highly reliably and had all the great features that Murray a great brand in the first place.

However, later Scott switched from Murray to John Deere taking their range of products to a totally different level.

Given the brand and innovative solutions from John Deere, soon the Scott brand got a huge fillip in terms of quality and features.

While the Scott products thrived on the John Deere quality, there was a parallel drawback on over reliance on John Deere too.

Eventually, Scott lost its edge in making its own innovative models and adding unique features to the lawn mowers.

Eventually, there were hardly and difference between the products of the two brands.

As a result, when John Deere bought out Scotts, they had to discontinue that line of products complete. As a result, we do not find any Scott mowers any more.

Scott Lawn Mower Models

The Scott lawn mowers used to come in two categories: Push mowers and self propelled.

The push mowers relied on operator push for propulsion while the self propelled ones used powerful engines for moving.

The push mowers require more effort sometimes since you are not just mowing but also pushing the unit.

However, a good variation of the push lawn mowers was the reel lawn mowers.

Scott Reel Lawn Mower

Yes, the manual mower models from Scott were sometimes much better option that the self propelled ones. This was mainly due to a couple of reasons.

With the self propelled models, you need to burn fossil fuels to run them, hence you were adding to the pollution.

With the manual mowers, there was no pollution or green house gas emission at all – it was a mechanical system.

The second aspect was a great innovation from Scotts. Typically, reel lawn mowers are pretty tough to handle. Pushing them over the grass was a real tiring job due to the weight to of the reel mower.

However, Scott push propelled reel mowers were made of lighter material. As a result, in some cases they were easier to handle and maneuver than self propelled heavier mowers too.

The other secret was the top quality Carbonated steel made highly durable, razor sharp blades making grass cutting a simple and rewarding exercise – not a tiring and eventually boring one.

Scott Riding Lawn Mower

The Scott riding lawn mower is the self propelled mower. While Scott made push mowers too, their forte was always the riding lawn mowers.

These were tough, sturdy and very durable lawn mowers designed for rugged use on any lawn, big or small. Typically, the best in class riding mowers from Scott were part of the ‘S’ series.

The S1642 was a lower end lawn mower model designed to mow smaller lawns of up to 2.5 acres. It a 16 horse power, V2 engine with great cutting features. If you had a larger lawn, you could look at S2554 model that comes with a 25 hp engine and larger cutting length.

Why Know about Scotts Lawn Mower?

Well you may think, why know about Scotts lawn mower if it is out of production. Well, you must know about them, because they may have stopped producing them, but people haven’t stopped using them.

These durable mowers can last up to 2 decades and deliver great service. So if someone is planning to sell his / her old Scott mower, at a great price, you must not just shy away from it – because you don’t hear that name so often now.

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