Scotts Lawn Care Service Review

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It was never so easy to maintain your lawn as with Scotts lawn care service.

Scotts provides a high level of customized service, and what is more personalized service, which means that the service Scotts provides for your lawn is designed around your lawn.

The Pros:

There are two main advantages to Scotts lawn service.

One is that since the service is designed around your particular lawn, it costs less. You only pay for the products your lawn really needs, and not for a service it may not require at all.

Secondly, Scotts will also monitor your lawn regularly to ensure that it remains healthy and stable. The health of the lawn is reviewed regularly and adjustments are made to the program. All you have to do is to water and mow, and Scotts does the rest, with sophisticated schedules and mixes that ensure that your lawn is absolutely optimal.

There's even a special program called 'Water smart' that makes your lawn actually absorb more nutrients.

Scotts lawn care service also uses only highly reliable products like Ortho® Weed-B-Gon® Pro™ for weed control, for example. These are products with a proven track record, and you know that what has worked for so many others is bound to work for your lawn as well.

As part of it's service, Scotts provides you with a lovely full-color newsletter, the Weekender. This magazine is just fully of wonderful tips for your lawn and garden, and even ideas on how to landscape.

There are even recipes for garden parties! The Weekender is just a little touch, but it shows how much Scotts values your business.

They also claims that they will respond within two days if anything seems to be wrong with your lawn.

The Cons:

However, interviews and customer feedback has revealed that Scotts services vary from place to place.

If we're discussing the pros and cons of Scotts lawn care service, the factors in favor of using Scotts are excellent if you happen to live near one of the main Scotts offices, so that you can visit them in person in case of anything going wrong.

But if you happen to live near some backwater franchise that just happens to use the Scotts name, don't expect service to be anywhere near as good. Often the technicians are lax, and customer support, especially over the phone, non-existent.


The bottom line is this: Scotts service depends on the office that's providing it to you. One of the top Scotts offices will provide excellent service, but those on the fringes will not provide you with value for money.

Order a few trial services and short term lawn care applications from your local office before subscribing to Scotts lawn care service for longer terms, and check the level and quality of service.

The Cost

The cost of the service depends on the size of your lawn, which shows a certain degree of consideration. Expect to pay at least $600 for an average home lawn, and much more than that if your lawn is extensive.

Be careful to examine the level of service of your local Scotts office, and there's no reason that you shouldn't get excellent value for your money.