Scotts Lawn Care Schedule

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Scotts lawn care schedule is an excellent guide to lawn maintenance, and definitely something that I would recommend to the conscientious lawn owner.

You know how hard it is to maintain a lawn, especially when the needs of that lawn change from season to season – how do you know when is the right time to edge your lawn, and the right time to apply fertilizer or weed killer, or even to aerate the lawn.

It's very useful to have a guide like scotts annual lawn care program, that can guide you along the dos and don'ts of successful lawn care. Here we'll go over a few of Scott's recommendations and discuss some of their advice.

Of course, much of the advice is general and it can certainly vary from region to region, although there are different schedules available.

However, if you live in the extreme north or south, you would be well advised to consult some competent authority when following Scott's schedule.

The same applies if you live in the monsoon belt. But other than that, if you live in an average climatic region, you could do worse than to follow Scott's advice.

4 steps of Scotts Lawn Care Schedule

Scotts lawn care schedule starts with a special fertilizer from Scotts, called a Turf Builder – you need the one with the 'Halts Crabgrass Preventer' markings. This is an excellent product, and if applied at the right time, that is, in the months of April or May, also contains components that will halt and prevent the rise of Crabgrass. This is a perfect system, in which the fertilizer itself contains the weed control product – you know how the application of fertilizer to an area can give rise to a large selection of weeds.

So the first thing to do in the schedule is to apply Scotts Turf Builder in April, or at the latest, in May.

Then, in June, when growth is that the maximum, is when Scotts lawn care schedule recommends that you apply the Turf Builder with the PLUS 2 Weed Control component.

This provides additional protection from weeds at a time when having too many weeds around can be disastrous for your garden.

Remember that weeds in the flowering season can mean that the leach away crucial minerals from your plants, greatly reducing flower yields at a time when you want your garden to look it's best. And to avoid weeds at the height of summer, you need to be sure that you prevent them taking hold in the first place in June.

Next, it recommends Scotts Super builder – it has to be applied in July or August, and has a SummerGuard feature that will help protect your plants from all sorts of threats that are prevalent at the height of summer – heat, for one thing, as well as drought and insect and pest attacks.

Lastly, it tells us that the winterizing component by Scotts is what you'll want to apply as the year edges towards fall.

This prepares the lawn for the long harshness of winter, making sure that it has all the nutrients it need to ensure a wonderful fresh covering of turf with the coming of spring. For the best care for your lawn, you can always rely on scotts lawn care service.