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Scag Lawn Mowers Reviews


Scag lawn mowers are well known and widely respected for their quality and performance throughout the USA.

The Scag mowers are designed under four categories zero Turn mowers, Stand On Mowers, Walk Behind mowers and Front Mounts. Each is a slightly different design customized for a different kind of mowing need and demand.

Popular Scag Lawn Mower Parts

Scag Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

Scag Walk behind mowers work on the new Pro-V technology.

There is no need to squeeze the handles to moderate the speeds and steering.

So at the end of hours of mowing you are not left with fatigued hands but just satisfaction of a job well done. There are four popular models under this category.

Scag Lawn Mowers SWZ Hydro Walk Behind

This walk behind mower is based on hydraulic drive system. This makes it easy to mow uphill as well as backwards with same ease.

This also comes with zero turn technology which makes it very agile and maneuverable. These models come in 36” and 52” cutting deck.

SW Belt Drive Walk Behind

This is a belt drive based model that has a good combination of performance and quality. The belt drive comes with 5 seamless speed changes ranging from 2mph to 6mph.

With cutting deck options ranging from 32” to 52” you can get a lot of meat from this unit for professional mowing assignments.

Scag Lawn Mowers SFW – Belt Drive Walk Behind

This mower is based on the Scag’s floating deck belt drive. This four speed transmission changing mower can reach speeds of up to 6 mph.

With the option of 36” of 48” cutting deck this is a perfect entry level professional lawn mower.

Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

The zero turn lawn mowers have revolutionized the way we mow lawns. It has made mowing simpler and much faster. There are four popular models under this category from Scag.

Turf Tiger

This is one of the leading mowers in the industry. It comes with engine powers of up to 35 HP and cutting deck ranges of 52”, 61” and 72”. The units also come with a wide range of engine options like air cooled, liquid cooled and fuel injected.


If the Turf Tiger is too big for you to handle, you can get similar features in a smaller and more compact Wildcat. With engines of up to 27 HP you have lot of power to mow efficiently. With cutting deck choices of 48”, 52” and 61”you can choose your Wildcat as you wish.

Tiger Cat

This is a progressively smaller professional grade mower. It is quite similar in the cutting deck and engine alternatives as the Wildcat, however it comes with a much compact design making it more maneuverable.

Freedom Z

If you are looking for the best in class innovative zero turn lawn mower, Freedom Z is one of the better solutions from Scag. It comes with engines with powers of up to 28 HP and air cooled. It comes with 36”, 48”, 52” and 61” cutting deck widths.

Scag V-Ride Stand Up Mower

This is a super compact mower and this makes very agile and gives it a great stability. But the size has not compromised the operator comfort.

It is a great combination of reduced space, great performance and low cost. The unit comes with oil cooled engines, coil suspension and heavy grade steel frame.

With 20HP, 24HP and 26HP Kawasaki engines and cutting deck options of 36”, 48” and 52” you have a very good, feature rich, user friendly mower.

The Scag STHM - Three-Wheel Riding Mower

This is a great mower design to give the operator great productivity and improved performance. It gives great trimming performance, great maneuverability and stability.

The hydrostatic drive system gives the unit excellent power, stability and smooth performance. The low center of gravity means that it has a lot of traction even on uphill slope. The front cutting deck means that you can cut around bushes and under short trees.

These are very good mowing machines and if you want to get your hands on one of these real cheap, you could look for Scag lawn mowers for sale. These are very sturdy and durable mowers so you are assured of great performance even on second hand Scag mowers.