Samsung Electronics CLP-365W Review

Samsung Electronics CLP-365W

The Samsung Electronics CLP-365W is a wireless printer that is able to connect directly to a wireless Internet connection. The Samsung Electronics CLP-365W gives you then ability to connect the printer to any computer system, ranging from Mac to Windows. With this ability, you are going to find it easy to use the Samsung Electronics CLP-365W, which is going to help you out with both a small business and home office setting.

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The Samsung Electronics CLP-365W has exceptional speed, with a top color production range of 19 pages per minute. The Samsung Electronics CLP-365W is also able to connect to your computer via either both a Wi-Fi connection or a USB connection, so even if you're using an older computer without wireless Internet capabilities, you can still connect the printer to the computer. The Samsung Electronics CLP-365W is available online through a variety of stores, including Amazon and the Samsung store. You can also purchase the Samsung Electronics CLP-365W in a variety of brick and mortar stores, including Best Buy and Staples.

The printer is perfect for anyone going to school or who works at home and needs a reliable printer. You don't want to have to run back to your printer every time you need to print a document or other information, and with the wireless Internet capability, you just install the driver onto the computer and the printer automatically connects to the computer. It doesn't have all the scanning and copying features as some all in one printers, but it is a solid, reliable printer for anyone who wants a high-quality print job.

The Final Thought

The Samsung Electronics CLP-365W isn't for photo printing, but when you need something for school or work, the 2400 by 600 dots per square inch is a good start for anyone requiring to print this content.