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Samsung All Share Display Adapter Review

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The new Samsung’s product, All-Share Cast Hub, is an ideal tech investment. It comes handy in many situations. Be it in your office or at home, the Samsung All-Share Cast Hub Display Adapter will prove how good a mirroring device it is.

Perhaps you’re having a presentation, or you want to share your pictures and videos with others, watch some movies on the big screen, or even to play your mobile games on your HDTV, whatever it is that you’re doing, this device is made just for you.

Ease of Use & Installation

The device is really easy to set up. The entire process is straightforward and there aren’t any complications throughout it.

The device itself is included in the box, with the inclusion of an HDMI cable and a MicroUSB charger (can also be used to charge your phone; very convenient).

Simply plug the electric adapter in and connect it to the MicroUSB plug, set up the HDMI cable (besides connecting it to your HDTV, you can also connect it to your PC or even a projector, it all works just fine).

You’ll find the restart button on the hub, press it and you’ll see a screen showing that it’s turned on.

On your Android phone, go to Settings/Screen Mirroring and search for the All-Share Cast Hub device.

Choose it and connect the both devices and you’re good to go.

Now everything you do on your phone will be exactly mirrored on your HDTV, PC, or projector.

As previously said, the process is very straightforward, but of course, you also get a User Guide which provides additional information about the device.


The device performs amazingly in many cases. If you’re having a presentation, showing documents from your phone has never been easier.
If you’re into mobile gaming, then the Samsung’s All-Share Hub will prove very useful for you, especially if your phone doesn’t have a big screen. Also, with the ever-growing popularity of movies on Google Play, you can now watch them on your big screen instead of doing it on your much smaller phone. Even better if you have friends or family coming over, you don’t have to squeeze in one spot to look at the phone screen.
The device is very small (3 x 1.4 x 5.9 inches) and weighing only 0.3 ounces.


The Samsung’s All-Share Cast Hub is compatible with any Wi-Fi Display capable device, but the problem is that the only devices that are actually compatible are Samsung phones. You won’t be able to connect your iPhone or Windows Phone to it.
Also, connecting may take 3 or 4 times to do it.
The audio quality isn’t very great, so streaming movies, playing games, or listening to music will not deliver the best experience you seek.


Samsung WI-FI All-Share Cast Hub, Wireless HDMI Display Adapter is an amazing tool to have if you plan on having a presentation or sharing some pictures with others over the big screen. As of today It will cost you $54.99 (which is a lowered price, you’ll save 30%, the price used to be $79.99) and it also includes a free shipping. The latest price may have changed now.  The customers who bought the product shared generally positive reviews and also gave it a score of 3.5/5.

Samsung All-Share Cast Hub Display Adapter Video

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