Rochester Lawn Care Services

Written by Irene Melton | Updated
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Rochester Lawn Care has been around a fairly long time now – since 1989, actually, and has a reputation for honesty and reliability.

It’s people are well trained and experienced, and actually spend a reasonable amount of time working your property. Though a reasonably small company, They services more than four hundred accounts, many of which customers it has been working with for years. As a long term solution for your lawn care needs, Rochester Lawn service is certainly one of the best if you happen to live within the radius of it’s service.

Rochester Lawn Care provides a whole range of services, including landscaping. Not only with Rochester Lawn Care provide the services that other companies like Scotts (for example) provide, but it will also handle your mowing needs, which Scotts does not normally do. Like Tender Lawn Care, this company provides a full range of services to maintain and beautify your lawn, garden and any sort of landscape.

About the services

Like most companies, Rochester Lawn service provides its crew with their own equipment, so there is no job they would not be able to do. With Rochester Lawn Care you can get a full spring or fall clean-up done, as these are the busiest seasons where the lawn care is concerned, and if you do not have enough time or do not wish to take extra trouble, it might be challenging to keep your lawn healthy and well maintained.

With Rochester Lawn service you can count on licensed and certified fertilization. It’s up to you whether you want chemicals based fertilizers to be used or organic ones: in any case there will be no danger for your lawn. There is an advantage in entrusting your lawn to the true professionals – it is highly unlikely that they are going to make any serious mistakes in the most crucial aspects of the lawn care process.

Actually, Rochester Lawn service has a long list of services which also includes grub control, weed control, core aeration, pruning, soil testing, mulching, over seeding, edging, shrub trimming and so on.

They will not only help you to get rid of the weeds in your lawn, garden, back yard and other territories, but will also do their best to prevent their growth. The flower beds will be carefully edged and the shrubs – artistically trimmed. Do not underestimate the role of mulching as well: it will help the soils retain moisture and stimulate an excellent growth of your plants. According to the feedback, the employers of Rochester Lawn Care are extremely good in mulching, so it will be a right thing to do if you hire them for this purpose.

Another important procedure is a soil testing: Rochester Lawn service will perform all the necessary tests to find out what sort of grass you should choose for your lawn, how to fertilize the soil and how much moisture it can possibly require.

Also, the company has nothing against an individual approach, so you can contact them and request any job to be done, no matter whether it is in their list of services or no. Everything is negotiable.