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Riding Lawn Mower Tires Reviews

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For home owners with large lawns riding lawn mowers see a lot of use. The tires are an essential part of s lawn mower, therefore you should make sure you chose the right type of tires and utilize them properly.

Selecting tires for your lawn mower is not easier than choosing the right ones for a care: the size, brand, tread and cost should be taken into consideration. And these are just a few factors you should keep in mind while shopping for the riding lawn mower tires.

What criteria do you see?

Think about the sort of turf you are going to work on. Is it an even and small area or a larger and bumpier territory? If you can answer this question, it will be much easier to choose the right type of tires for your mowing machine. Turf saver tires will help to protect your lawn from damages while mowing.

As for the size of the tires, just check whether they are compatible with the riding lawnmower model you use.

Types of lawn mower tires

There are three main types of the tires: ribbed tires, slick tires and turf tires.

You can get them in the nearest home improvement store, specialized shops and online. Try to check as many manufacturing companies and suppliers as possible in order to choose the most appropriate option.

If you are shopping online, it is recommended to read the reviews of the customers who have already had a chance to test these tires.

However, it is better to see the product at least once before buying it online. Also, keep your eyes open for discounts, special offers and bonuses as it is often possible to get a good deal.

Maintain lawn mower tires

After you bought the right sort of tires for your lawn mower, it is crucially important to maintain them properly, otherwise you'll have to change them much more often that it is actually required.

Check the tire pressure on a regular basis, it will tale only five minutes a week. This precaution will ensure that you 'll inflate them in time.

From time to time rotate the tires: it will help even out wear. Every time you use your riding lawn mower, make sure to check whether the wear bar is visible.

It is a sign that it's time to replace your tires. Also, make sure that your machine is stored properly in winter period.

Looking for cheap lawn mower tires?

High quality tires are quite expensive, yet at the same time they can last for a very long period of time if well maintained.

Kenda and Carlisle are among the most popular manufacturing companies that produce riding lawn mower tires.

Their products are rather cost effective and suitable for any budget, though Carlisle is very often more expensive than Kenda. In the long run their tires pay off, though.

Carlisle also have a wider selection of tires' sizes and treads, so it's possible to choose the items that re compatible with your model of a riding lawn mower.

And of course there are many other companies that produce lawn mower details: John Deere, Grasshopper and Toro just to name a few.