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Riding Lawn Mower Battery – Recharging Tips

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How to Recharge a Riding Lawn Mower Battery Using a Car

Having a riding lawn mower, one of the items that need a regular attention and considered as one of the critical items is its battery.

During storage and non mowing session, the battery can lose it charge. Usually, riding lawn mower battery is dependent on electric ignitions. This is so, because riding lawn mowers possesses a similar construction to that of the automobiles.

On the other hand, automobile is a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine and powered using a battery and functions using an electric ignition.

With the same response as a car, when the battery malfunctions, you will not be able to start the engine. Even so, you can “jump start” or charge the lawn mower battery in the same manner that you are charging a car battery.

Charging a riding lawn mower battery can be easy following these basic steps.

Step 1:

Discover the location of the negative terminal of your lawn mower battery. Terminals can be easily located because these are the places attached to the batteries where the cables are connected.

Negative terminal is in black and has a minus (-) sign on it. Positive terminal, on the other hand is in red and has a plus (+) sign on it.

Once the negative terminal is located, disconnect it on the riding lawn mower battery. Doing this might require you a pliers or a screwdriver, depending on its model. Be careful not to let the cable have in contact with anything.

Step 2:

Using a jumper cable, establish a connection between a car battery and a lawn mower battery. Connect the positive clamp (red) to the positive terminal of the lawn mower battery.

Squeeze with the aid of tongs or scissors the jumper cable clamp to open it. Springs located in them will fasten them on the battery terminals. Then, the positive clamp must be connected with the positive terminal of the car battery.

The negative clamp needs to be connected also to the negative terminal of the lawn mower battery. The other negative clamp will be connected to the frame of the car.

Step 3:

Turn on the car, but keep it on the neutral setting. Press on the accelerator pedal and let it operate about 2000 RPM for approximately two minutes.

Step 4:

Jumper cables will then be disconnected, replacing it with the negative battery contact with the lawn mower. Start the lawn mower.

In charging a lawn mower using a car, never make an effort to start the lawn mower with the battery terminals are still in contact with each other. This will cause damage to computer programs in your car.

Likewise, do not let any metal objects to be in contact with either of the terminals. These metal objects serve as conductors and will create a connection in the two terminals of the lawn mower or the car frame, causing damage to the battery or a severe electric shock.

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