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Ride On Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Ride On Lawn Mowers Reviews

If you expect a great deal of help with your outdoor chores, it is extremely important to choose a right type of a lawn mower.

Ride on lawn mowers are a popular choice among the gardeners, and with good reasons.

Zero turn radius mowers

There are two types of these mowers, the lawn tractor and the zero turn radius mowers (or ZTR).

Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you should take them into consideration when purchasing a mower.

If your lawn is relatively flat, but there are lots of trees, flower beds, bushes and so on, it is better to go for a zero turn radius mower.

Their motor is placed towards to back part of a mower, and therefore it is easier to cut the grass around the obstacles like trees and shrubs.

However, if your lawn is not even enough, it will be more difficult to do a good job with this type of mowers, in spite of their powerful engine.

Zero turn radius mowers have a hand grip type of steering controls and a number of accessories like mulches and bagging devices. But in comparison with lawn tractors they do not have a wide range of extras to go with.

Tractor mowers

As for the tractor mowers, they take wider turns than zero turn radius mowers, and they have the engine up front. This makes it possible for you to transverse various terrains.

As a rule, their motors are rather powerful. And also this type of mowers come with a variety of additional appliances. They will come very much in handy in case you have a garden and like to maintain it properly.

Your ride on mower will allow you to use all sorts of aerators, tillers, utility trailers and many more. Some ride on mowers of this type have even cabs to protect you from rainy or windy weather and keep you comfortable and warm.

They also have a great number of so called front attachments, leveling devices, scoping gadgets and plows. Lawn tractor are usually rather expensive, but they ensure the best possible result, and therefore are worth every penny you would pay.

Don't forget to consider such important point as a warranty. Most companies provide a standard five year warranty, the other brands offer one to three years.

In any case it is recommended to make sure you get at least one year warranty period. Usually this time is enough to make out whether your model has any defects or not.

Main features of Ride on lawn mowers

Generally speaking, when you opt for a ride on lawn mower, you can expect to get the following features:

  • Automatic transmission, with maximal forward speed around fifteen mph
  • A great deal of maneuverability thanks to their tight turning circle
  • Extra stability thanks to their low gravity center. Cargo box being placed over the rear wheels contributes into stability of ride on lawn mowers as well
  • The option to lock the drive wheels together if needed. It helps to drive through places that need some additional traction
  • Some standard features like glove compartment, side by side seats, headlights, cup holders and so on
  • A compact size
  • High quality tires to prevent bogging in soft soils
  • Relatively smooth driving.

You can find a few brands available to make your choice when making a decision to buy one of the ride on lawn mowers. The most popular brands are MTD, John Deere, Toro and Snapper.

MTD offers six or seven transmission shift, eighteen inches radius of turning and two years warranty.

As for John Deere, they recommend LA 115, X304 and Z225 models. In general, customers report John Deere as one of the most reliable brands of lawn mowers.

Toro models are highly rates as well; this company specializes mostly in zero turn radius mowers. Snapper is famous for durability of their engines.

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