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Push Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Push lawn mowers are those tested and proven things that deserve our trust after long years of excellent service.

This model has been around for a long time, and it is still popular among the gardeners. However, some people consider it outdated and try to replace it by something new and original.

However, lots of experts are sure that push mowers are capable of cutting the lawn much better than power machines.

Advantages of using push lawn mowers

A push mower has a scissor-like snipping, which ensures a fine and neat cut of the grass.

It seals a blade of the grass and leaves the moisture inside.

Mowing the lawn like this will prevent most of the grass diseases and ensure its normal growth. Power mowers, generally speaking, are tend to rip and tear the grass, and even to pull it up in the process of mowing.

Another big advantage of this type of mowers is a natural mulch production and its quick decomposing. It provides some precious nutrients to the soil of your lawn, and therefore the whole area looks well maintained.

This fact is definitely worth considering in case you are hesitant whether to get this type of mowing equipment or some other one.

Gardeners who favor a push lawn mower enjoy other advantages as well. There is no need to worry about its engine refusing to start working: the simple fact that a push lawnmower does not have an engine at all.

It is not a secret that engines get spoiled form time to time, and it is a real pain to repair them. Not to mention that it is not very cost effective as well. Besides, there is no need to buy petrol and oil over and over again, unnecessarily spending money.

One more advantage of a push lawn mower is its light weight – portability is very important while mowing a lawn as you might need to change the location of your work and it is very uncomfortable to carry a heavy and awkward piece of equipment. It is also easier to move this mower in the process of work: it gets pushed much easier than any power mower.

One of the main reasons why this type of mowing machines are still popular is their environment friendly nature. They do not contribute into air pollution and do not release any poisonous fumes. They say it is much more harmful to use a petrol lawn mower within one hour than to drive a car one hundred and fifty miles.

A push lawn mower is also easy to store as it does not take too much space in the shed, garage or garden cabin. Its compact size requires the minimal storage space, and you can easily keep it in any place wherever you find it comfortable.

And of course one more aspect should not be underestimated – this type of mowers will improve the owner's health as it requires physical exercises in order to be moved across the lawn.

In the world of today, when everything is automatized it is extremely important to exercise whenever you have an opportunity. Even while mowing your lawn.

The maintenance of push lawn mowers

As for the maintenance of push lawn mowers, general rules are usually applied. It should be cleaned on a regular basis in order to prolong its service period and ensure a quality functioning.

The moving parts of this mower should be lubricated properly, and the cutting bar should be fixed correctly: not too tight and at the same time not too loose.

Do not forget to sharpen the blades after several years of using your push mower. If you do not have the proper equipment, it is better to go to one of the repair shops which specializes on lawn mowers.

And of course do not forget about safety measures: this type of moving equipment is pretty safe, but still an accident can take place.

Avoid mowing the lawn wearing slippers or sandals, and of course never do that barefoot. Also it is not recommended to mow the grass when it is wet as a person might slip and fall.

Keep it in a place which is inaccessible for children: sharp blades might cause a serious injury.