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Poulan Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Poulan is a very popular manufacturer of outdoor equipment under various brands like Poulan Pro, Poulan, Weed Eater and McCulloch.

Poulan is a very popular manufacturer of outdoor equipment under various brands like Poulan Pro, Poulan, Weed Eater and McCulloch.

Each brand specialists in varied needs from inexpensive regular equipment to specialized power equipment. Among these the Poulan pro Lawn mowers are one of the best you can get in the walk behind mower space.

Poulan Pro brand has many walk behind mowers and here are some of the more popular ones.

Poulan Lawn Mowers PR625N21RH

This is a powerful push mower equipped with 625 Series Briggs and Stratton engine.

This unit is specially designed for residential lawn maintenance. The 21” cutting deck is perfect for any regular lawn.

It is just wide enough to ensure that mowing does not take long and at the same time it is not too heavy that pushing the mower along becomes a challenge.

The steel deck means that it is tough and sturdy for regular use. The 8” front wheel and 12” rear wheel design provides excellent stability and maneuverability for residential use.

This unit comes with three in one discharge options. You can use the side discharge option, or the bagging one or mulching. With mulching you can cut the grass fine and return it back to the lawn as fertilizer.

A common problem with walk behind mowers is their storage. They may be light and great to use, but their sheer design means that they occupy too much space in your garage.

However, Poulan Pro has taken care of this with foldable handle. That means that while using it in the lawn it is comfortably designed and in your garage, it can be tucked in some corner without eating too much space.

The unit comes with a 5 position height adjuster, so you can vary the height of cut grass depending on the location and your choice. Besides, a two year warranty makes this the perfect model for any owner.

Poulan Lawn Mowers PR625Y22SHP

If you are looking for something more comfortable than a push lawn mower, you can go for the self propelled version from Poulan Pro.

This unit also comes with a 625 Series Briggs and Stratton engine like the previous model. The cutting deck is slightly larger with 22”.

This allows you to cover large areas in shorter time. Besides, the self propelled mechanism means that you do not have to push the unit around, it can propel itself.

This unit comes with similar wheel configurations of 8" / 12" for front / rear. The front wheel drive system gives you a lot of maneuverability while handling the mower.

Even this unit has the 5 position adjuster, steel deck, two year warranty. When it comes to discharge features though this unit has just two options – the most common ones: side discharge and mulching.

Poulan Lawn Mowers PR625Y22RP

If you are impressed by the previous model and were looking for bagging feature too, then this is probably what you need.

This unit comes with mostly similar features like 625 Series Briggs and Stratton engine, self propelled front wheel drive mechanism and 22” deck. This unit however, uses a slightly different design of uniform front and rear wheels on 8” each.

This unit however, does have the three in one cutting technique with side discharge, rear bagging and mulching. You also get an adjustable handle to suit different users.

There are many other Poulan Pro models each with slight variation in features.

The Poulan Lawn Mowers PR625Y22RHP comes with differential front and rear wheel sizes to give you better stability in uneven terrain. The PR625Y22RKP model comes with electric key start, so you do not have to mess with cables and priming of engine. The lovers of Honda engines can look at PR160Y21RDP mowers.

These are push mowers with powerful 160 cc Honda engineers. Most of these models come with the standard Poulan Pro walk behind mower features like steel cutting deck and height adjustments, and two or three cutting options.

As it is clear, Poulan Pro has varied minor design specifications to give you your per needs. Typically, cutting deck size, propulsion system, wheel sizes and cutting methods are the most common selection factors for buyers. With Poulan Pro, you get options for all these features.