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Petrol Lawn Mowers Reviews

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Petrol lawn mowers come in a variety of models, sizes and styles. There are many different brands, including Honda, Toro, Black and Decker and John Deere.

These are the most popular, tested and proven, but of course there are many others.


A petrol lawnmower is the best choice in case you have a large lawn. You can easily reach any place of your lawn, without bothering about a cord.

Even if you have thick weeds and overgrown grass in your garden, a powerful petrol lawn mower with easily do its job with the most satisfactory results. This type of lawn mowers can be hardly stopped by any obstacles.

As any other devices, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. A petrol lawn mower used to be the only available option for the gardeners and homeowners to keep their lawns well maintained.

Now, of course, they can be replaced by electric mowers, both corded and cordless, but nevertheless a good old petrol mower will never get outdated. It has some advantages to offer that electric mowers can't match.

It is the most reliable type of mowers: it can work for years and years to come if maintained properly. They are the strongest and biggest f all types of lawn mowers, and you can easily handle large areas.

Types of Petrol Lawn Mowers

There are three subdivisions of petrol lawn mowers: they can be hover, cylinder and rotary.


If you need a light weight petrol operated lawn mower, hover type is for you. It works on the effect of an air cushion, and therefore it is perfect for cutting long or overgrown grass.

These movers are rather maneuverable, so you can easily handle any place which is inaccessible for other types. It is recommended to opt for hover lawn mowers if your lawn is situated on a slope or bumpy, uneven terrain.

However, it is necessary to take into account that hover mowers do not have a grass collecting box, they are not capable of handling large areas.

If you like a striped effect on your lawn, you will have to choose another type of mowers as hover ones do not have this option. Last but not least – they are rather cost effective, so you can get one without breaking a bank.

Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Petrol cylinder lawn mowers works on a traditional mowing principle: a cylinder of fast spinning blades is placed over a still blade which is situated just a little bit above the surface of a lawn.

This techniques is highly effective and similar to scissors, so you will be able to achieve excellent results: a neat cut of a beautiful lawn. The quality will be equal to tennis courts yo see on Wimbledon.

However, you should keep on mind that uneven surface can't possibly be handled with a cylinder petrol lawn mower. It is also rather heavy and not particularly maneuverable. Of course these shortcomings can be tolerated for the sake of perfect result.

Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower

Petrol rotary lawn mowers are very widespread. In fact it is the most common type of the mowers. It has only one rotating blade parallel to the surface of the ground. These mowers are comfortable in use , easy to operate and you will be able to get the job done in a short period of time. You can go for extra large mowing areas with a rotary mower in case your model is self-propelled.

But of course if you care for the beauty of your lawn and require perfection, perhaps a rotary mower is not for you. Its cut is not that fine, though the job can be really done in no time.

Some additional features

It is extremely important to have a right sort of blade when you use your lawn mower. For large areas it is recommended to get a blade at least twenty inches, or even bigger.

Power of petrol operated lawn mowers usually reaches up to two to seven horsepower.

They have carburetor type of motors and require pulling a start cord in order to start the machine. Some models have an option of electric starting, which is pretty effortless.

Similarly, some models have a speed regulator on the handle bar, so a person can choose the most comfortable and effective speed. There are also models with a fixed speed.

Petrol mowers require regular maintenance, replacement of the air filters and spark plugs, and of course having petrol and oil in order to operate.

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