Neuton Lawn Mower Review

While many people have been focusing on greater power, bigger decks and more fuel thirsty model, Neuton started to think greener options and focused on battery powered lawn mowers.

Under this brand you will find some very innovative designs to exploit the battery power to deliver efficient lawn and garden care without the pollution associated with the usual mowers.

Neuton Lawn mowers are great products in terms of service delivered and also are very environment friendly. Now you would have read about many mowers with the standard features, some enhanced, but the basic features are the same. So let’s first look at what differentiates the Neuton battery-powered lawn mower: what is its USP – Unique selling point.

Due to the basic power source being a battery rather than fuel, you immediately cut down on the noise pollution of gas powered mowers.

Secondly, you do not have any gas so you do not have any green house emissions from your mower. So no air pollution too – truly the battery powered approach makes the Neuton Electric lawn mower environment friendly. If you are keen on reducing your carbon footprint, pick Neuton lawn mowers.

Now coming to the main crux of the product – you want to go green but not at the cost of performance. You still want to mow your lawn at the end of the day. Neuton has two main lawn mower models the CE6 and CE5.

Neuton CE6 Lawn Mower

This is the best combination of gas powered mower with battery powered source.

With 19” cutting deck, you can cover a decent sized lawn in good time. With cutting heights adjustable from 1.2” to 3” you have good variation there too.

The unit comes with bagging and mulching options. So you can bag the cut grass or recycle it by mulching it. The bagger unit comes with a 12.4 gallon bag which should serve well for most domestic lawns. The whole unit is made up of light yet durable material.

So it is not just powerful and efficient, it is also portable. IT weighs about 46 lbs without the battery and around69lbs with the battery.

The 360 watt hour battery from Duracell can last nearly an hour of mowing work, depending on the use. And you can keep recharging and using it for as long as five years, so replacing the battery is the least of your worries.

Lastly, it will recharge within 12 hours too, so you are not sitting long for it to be plugged in the mower to start using it. With 95% of the battery being recyclable, you are doing minimal environmental damage even when the battery is spent.

Of course the all electric system means that you get the electric start option. Jut push a button on the handle and you can start mowing.

Neuton CE5 Lawn Mower

This is a smaller yet equally effective mower model. In fact it was rated as the quietest rotary mower model, which means you practically cannot get a quieter mower than this one.

This one comes with a slightly less powerful battery of around 240 watt hour, so that has an effect on the performance. It can last around 45 minutes and has a smaller cutting deck size too.

However, small battery means better portability. This unit weighs around 33 lbs without the battery and 48 lbs with the battery. With about 1 bushel bag size, it is ideal for small to medium lawns.

As per the specifications, this mower can tackle about a quarter acre of lawn in one charge, if you have a bigger lawn but don’t want a bigger mower, just get another spare battery. If one dies out, use the other and get the same great mowing experience with lower investments!

Truly Neuton lawn mowers are one of the cleanest, lightest and quietest mowers around. No messy oils, no storage headaches, no rope starting problems: just smart, easy and reliable operation. On top of all these great features, it is also environment friendly. You can reduce your carbon foot print and also minimize the noise pollution with Neuton Lawn mower.